Grandmother and Me

Welcome!  This is an ongoing project since the year 2000.  Students are welcome to join us at any time of the school year.

Welcome to our multi-lingual, KIDPROJ, long term project about grandmothers around the world! Join us as we celebrate across cultures, languages and generations. Students of all ages through secondary school are invited to participate.

Students from around the world are encouraged to tell everyone the word for grandmother in their language, the name they call their grandmother, ways they spend time (or did spend time) with their grandmother and why she is very special.

Each month there are specific topics for discussion. You can see the topics here:

Monthly Topics

Grandmother text can be sent to the KIDPROJ mailing list - or posted right here in KidSpace.

Connecting the project to your curriculum:


  1. Create original artworks using computer graphics software or pencil, paint, crayon, etc.
  2. Use art to communicate ideas, experiences and stories across languages
  3. Reflect on the meaning of one's own art work and the works of others

Language Arts/Writing/Reading

  1. Use the steps within the writing process
  2. Write for different audiences and purposes: to inform, to express personal ideas
  3. Compare and contrasting ideas from several sources
  4. Compare alphabets from around the world
  5. Research local folklore, fables, legends, tales and family traditions
  6. Conduct interviews
  7. Create a family recipe book
  8. Compile a memory book of grandmother's stories
  9. Create a family tree
  10. Create virtual alphabet books and dictionaries

Library Science

  1. Search for information using printed and electronic media
  2. Evaluate reliability of information
  3. Gather ideas from print and human sources - peers around the world


  1. Classify information into categories
  2. Use graphic organizers such as a Venn Diagram
  3. Analyze and interpret data using charts and graphs
  4. Identify time zones of the other participants
  5. Compare Celsius and Fahrenheit

Other Languages

  1. Select different media to help understand language
  2. Practice a new language
  3. Use context to construct meaning
  4. Engage in conversation with students in languages other than the native tongue
  5. Practice grammar and syntax in a real world situation
  6. Increase vocabulary

Social Studies

  1. Locate the cities of the other participants using latitude and longitude
  2. Share social and cultural traditions and values
  3. Collect regional recipes
  4. Make maps
  5. Learn about the many names for grandmother from online peers
  6. Compare a time in history to the present


  1. Use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity and promote creativity
  2. Use telecommunications to collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts and other audiences
  3. Practice the use of a word processor
  4. Use the character map to make characters for other languages
  5. Access and utilize e-mail
  6. Locate a web site
  7. Create and send a sound file to other participants
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