Activity 1- Introducing Your Class

For Activity 1 there are two parts.  First, be sure your students answer the 4 Questions, so that they can get their individual logins and passwords.  It is suggested that you have them write the answers in a wordprocessor first, do a spell check, then have them copy and paste them into the form.

Part two is to write a class introduction, telling about your class.  What kind of school do you go to?  Where is it located?  How many students in your class? What are your favorite activites?  Post your class introduction into your space under Student Work.  Please respond to other's introductions by clicking on the Add Comments button.

Teacher's note:  Please subscribe to the  KidProj  listserv, and to the KidProj-cood  listserv as this is where announcements about activities will take place.  It is suggested that you set it to "digest" so that you receive all the messages for the day in one email message.  The Kid Proj list is where reminders and questions can  be sent.  The KidProj- cood  list is for teachers only so we can discuss the nitty gritty of the project if needed.

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