How to give New life to KidArt?

What we think to do to start again with KidArt is to create a project aimed above all teachers who believe in the importance and strength of artistic expression. A project where the basic activity  is the artwork whathever is the expressive form used, plastic and/or computer art; because the only way to talk to all the kids and adults of the world is by Art. 

As is written in almost all the old KidArt projects managed from Annetove and teachers of her team, the Arts are the universal language that transcend all written and spoken languages. They facilitate the exchange of ideas between people who may or may not share common cultures.  Through use of the Arts, students may create a dialogue with those who do and do not share a common background while discovering those things which make them different, yet the same.  
 Picasso said:  "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." And Annetove believed strongly that .

Diamond Poema is a good example, but we are thinking to something else again e.g Idiomatic expression 

These 2 projects are focused more on art like a way to exchange emotions, feelings and cultural differences. 

Again we plan to start again with one/two art competition each year with a precise topic.  

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