Looking out your window, ...

 If I look out, from  my bed room window,


What will I

                            See, Hear  and Experience

 Welcome to the Home page  of Looking out your window Project
This project is  designed to help the students to think beyond......
 what our students see, hear, and experience about their partners. 
So we give them an  opportunity to get in to the shoes of their partners and look out from their bed room windows....
And ,Think
  • what their partners hear……
  • what their partners feel……….
  • what their partners see…
  • what their partners experience....
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Here are the group sample.
need to go to other page see the work

Group A


Sri Lanka




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Deadline to register: October 10,2020
Starting activities: October 12
To register to this project, write to:
Coordinator: Anil Vithanage 

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