My nameis Amaro . I am a boyI am 10 years old. Here is my description . I hope you draw mebeautiful.

The shape of the face is oval.My complexion is strong and thin .My hairis long. 

Concerning my hairstyle, I have a fringe.The colour of my skin is fair. My eyesare brown. 

My eyelashes are short.My eyebrows are straigh.        

My forehead is narrow.My noseis tiny.My earsare small. 

The shapeof my mouth is small.My lips are small.

My particular features are nothing. The expression of my face is usually kind.

Myhobbies are Clash Royale and football.

Myfavourite animal is the fox.Myfavourite sport is football.

Myfavourite number is 7.Myfavourite colour is orange and black.

I likepets like  and my favourite animal is thefox.I loveeating octupus.

 I lovewearing tracksuit and shorts.Myfavorite game is Clash Royale

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