Students Team 3 -Group A

Angel Antonio
I am a boy, the    shape   of    the    face: is oval. My complexion is brown. The expression of my face is usaually happy. The shape of my mouth is normal. My nose is normal. My eyes are brown. My eyebrow are black. My ears are little. my hair is black, curly and i use it very very short. I love soccer.
Juan Esteban

Iam a boy. The shape of the face: round. My complexion  is  white. The expression of my face(usually):  smilly. The shape of my mouth: thinlips with goodwhite teeths. My nose is: straight and short. My eyes   are: big nd dark brown. My eyebrows are: thin and  black. My eyelash   areshort and black. My ears are: medium size. My hair is:  short, wavy and light brown.I love to play soccer and riding my bicycle. My favourite food is pizza.

Michelle Dayana
My favorite color is pink and purple. My eyes are black. My face is oval. I have my hair brown and large.  I like to share a lot with my family. I am tall. I have 11 years old. I have 2 brothers. I am in the 502 course. I live in the ALAMOS NORTE. I like skating and sport. I like share with my friend (LINA). 
Laura Valentina

I am a girl, i am 10 years old, The shape of the face: round. My complexion  is white. The expression of my face (usually):  smily. my mouth is protuberant lips, half-open, fleshy, large, red, thin, thick lips, smiling, sweet, with a good white teeth. 

My nose is: straight and short. My eyes are:  bigs and green. I need glasses sometimes. My eyebrows are: thin and blonde. My eyelash   are short and black. My ears are: medium size. My hair is:  to the shoulders, blonde and wavy,  it grow very fast. I love to play with my dolls. My favourite food is raviolis.

Danna Sofia

My name is Danna sofia bustos Sanabria

I hace 9 years.

I am tall brunette and thin , Brown eyes thin- Mi favorite food is chicken rice .

Mi favorite colour is white . I live in bogota, Colombia . Mi face is round  .

My hair is very long, straight and black, i usually make it in a pony tail.

Diego Aleandro
i am a boy,  i am 10 years old, i am tall and thin. my hair is short and straight, color black, my eyes are small and brown, my eyebrows are thin, my nose is shorth and straight, my mouth is small. i love eat pizza, i love to play soccer, my favorite team is Millonarios. I look serious and friendly-

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