Comprehensive school â„– 14 Siberia

Dear friends,

Hello from frosty Siberia. We live in a small town in Krasnoyarski krai, in the middle of Russia.

We are four girls (Lada, Dasha, Anya, Ulya) and two boys (Stepan and Demid). We are 11 and 12 years old. We study at school in the 5th class.

We love learning English and want to find new friends in different countries.

Here is some information about our daily life from our school compositions.

"My name is Ulyana. I'm 11....I walk to school. There I've got many friends. I meet them every day. We've got five or six lessons a day....Then I go dancing. I take part in a dancing group." (by Ulya)

"....At school we have lunch at 10 o'clock in the morning. We have breaks after every lesson. We wear a uniform. We get marks in numbers. We put our marks into school diaries....I eat after school and do my homework, play computer games, watch TV, play with my little sister....I often visit my grandmother and play with her cat Sonya. At the weekends I usually go to the pool and draw pictures." (by Ann)

"I also go to the swimming pool twice a week...I sometimes watch how my dad plays computer games. I don't want to change anything in my daily life. It's great." (by Stepan)

"In the evening I always read books. It's so interesting! ...At the weekend I go to the Fun Club. School teams compete in telling jokes there. I like school very much." (by Lada)

"I'm friendly and I love jokes. I've got a lot of friends. I like doing sports and eating delicious food." (by Demid)

Here are some photos of our school and English classroom. You can also watch a slideshow of Team Matryoshkas that participated in Landmark Games last year. There is some more information about our town and school.





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