Registration of your students

Take a copy of this google sheet, compile and export to a comma separated csv file

you can submit below.

Load a csv file with classroom student user data
and get your students registered immediately

1. You must be logged in as a teacher and the registered emails must be valid.
2. If you are logged in as teacher you should see a [Choose file] button below.
 Click on that button to choose your CSV file.
5. The script will create usernames and send a confirmation email to your email address, with the new user data.

What is a csv file? 
A csv file is a simple text file without any formating, created with excel or any not WYSIWYG editors like eg gedit and notepad. Do NOT create the file with Word.

Information about how to handle your csv file

Each user data is on a separate line.
The CSV file must be comma separated and must contain t
hese data:
student firstname, password, age, country code, school name, student email
like in this example where you can see a list of students from Baltimore Elementary school; 10 is their age and 74 is the contry code. (in this case UK).

This is a correct csv file:
Jerry,Gfuz6115,10,74,Baltimore Elementary,
Jame,Cecd9685,10,74,Baltimore Elementary,
Anna,Xvpk2105,11,74,Baltimore Elementary,
Pierre,Xwuj5357,10,74,Baltimore Elementary,

Student firstname: Jerry - password: Gfuz6115 - Age: 10 -  countrycode: 74 - School name: Baltimore Elementary - email:  

Open your csv file before you send it! Thank you!

1. The first line contains data for the first student. No titles here.
2. You may write country code, schoolname and teachers email only on the first line. If you do so, add anyway the 3 commas after the age
3. Use secure passwords, either long text or ... short with capital/small letters and numbers.
4. The script will create the username, something like "Balti-Jerry-54"
5. The script creates username with the first 4 letters of the school name, do not use names like St.mary... or school N.2 or Elementary school ... or empty spaces..

Your cv may not work if you do not follow this
Name, code etc must be separated by comma (,) not by ";"!

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