2015-16 A. Moon Over Us September-October

Welcome to Moon Over Us iCollaboratory/Kidlink Project!


Welcome to the Moon Over Us. This project promotes the observations of the Moon by student astronomers from different continents. Student astronomers learn about the full moon, its distance from earth and how it moves across the sky. Each evening they observe and sketch or take pictures of the moon before, during, and after the Autumn Moon Festival when the moon is full. The Chinese Autumn Festival 2014 was Sept 8. Do you have an Autumn Festival? When is it? Please answer this question and introduce your selves in the comments on your school's webpage.

Student Astronomers create webpages explaining their observations about similarities and differences in the moon.

In the project, students and teachers from around the world research and exchange results as they analyze the differences in images of the moon and discuss this information by commenting on each others web pages.  They also share stories, legends and poetry about the Moon. The result is an intercultural exchange of explanations about the sky, using the data gathering technology, and cultural traditions.

September 16-24 Take this survey. Click Back on your Browser to get back to the Kidlink page.

September 20-28 View the survey results  and analyze the survey data.

September 28-October 8 Take photographs, videos, and record audio (optional) of the night sky including the moon over your home each evening. The Moon needs to be low enough in the sky so you can include the ground, trees, or buildings to ensure the picture is right side up. Remember to include the exact time, date and place (address) for each image. Create a collage, slideshow, video, or use your images as individual pictures as you plan your web page. Keep drawing images or taking photos at least once a week until October 28. Again, note the time, date and place.

October 8 Review how to create Kidlink webpages

Please make sure someone in your class takes a photo of the moon on October 8. Please upload your photo, time, date and place to your Kidlink page.

October 8-17 Create Kidlink webpages that include images, research, stories, poetry, and other information you have learned about the Moon.

October 10 Review Kidlink netiquette.

October 10-28 Ask questions, make comment and discuss each others webpages. Please discuss at least three webpages that are not from your school. Read the comments and answer the questions on your own webpages.

October 21-28 Complete the final survey and post your written reflection as the last item in your webpage comments. 

November 1 After a review of your successful project completion you will be awarded an iCollaboratory/Kidlink web badge and a certificate of completion. 

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