Student Activities Moon Over Us April-May 学生活动 我们上方的月亮

Welcome to The Moon Over Us: Faces and Phases, April - May iCollaboratory Project!


22 South, 48 West.

Welcome to  Beijing 101 High School and all Kidlink members who would like to join our project! This will be the last round of this project for the 2011-2012 School Year. We are inviting our Chinese and Brazilian friends to visit us in the USA in August.

To join the project, please send email to with the number of participants and your school's name and country.



The Moon Over Us: Faces and Phases is where students learn more about the moon as it travels across the sky and the different ways it appears to students in different countries. In the project, students and teachers from around the world share information about the moon and discuss this information by commenting on each others web pages.

在“我们上方的月亮”里,学生可以学习更多关于月亮在空中运动的知识。在这里,来自世界各地的学生和教师分享关于月球的信息, 并且在每个人的网页上讨论这些信息。

NOTE: To get the most out of this project, students need to draw or take pictures of the moon at the same time each day and that include the horizon. The images need to be clear enough to see the different phases. In addition to student images, you may want to find a local telescope and have the owner take more detailed or clearer images.

To learn more about the moon,

Wikipedia has information about the moon.



Begin Project activities: 

Activity 1: What do You know about the Moon?

Take this survey and tell about your school, your community, and the environment in which you live. Learn more about different communities in the USA, China, Brazil and Spain.


Take a Survey about the Moon 做一个关于月亮的调查问卷
See Survey Responses 查看结果

Activity 2: Participant Discussion

Participant Map

<iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=";msid=216905898574461184893.0004ac131a473ffddb519&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;t=h&amp;ll=9.795678,-145.546875&amp;spn=152.979774,298.828125&amp;z=1&amp;output=embed"></iframe><br /><small>View <a href=";msid=216905898574461184893.0004ac131a473ffddb519&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;t=h&amp;ll=9.795678,-145.546875&amp;spn=152.979774,298.828125&amp;z=1&amp;source=embed" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">The Moon Over Us</a> in a larger map</small>

After registering for the Project, students and teachers who would like there school on the map need to send email to what school name, city, state and country so all students and teachers participating in the project will be able to see information about each others' schools and communities.

在注册这个项目之后,学生和教师可以将关于他们学校以及社区的信息放在icollabortory网上的表格里(Participant Discussion)。所有参与这个项目的学生以及教师可以看到其他人学校以及社区的信息。


Activity 3: Photograph the Moon Over Your Community


Take photographs, videos, and record audio (optional) of the night sky including the moon over your home each evening, April 7 through April 21 or take pictures of the images you draw or create digital images


Record the exact time and place the picture was taken.


Save the images in .jpg format to be uploaded later to your web page. Save videos with h.264 compression, save as .mp4


Video or audio recordings can be 30 seconds or shorter and can be recorded with a laptop computer when you take a picture.

 You will use these media items in Activity 4 and 5.



Activity 4:Identify and Compare Moon Phases
  • On your page, identify each of your photos with the appropriate phase. Use the  Moon Phases Diagram if you need help.
  • 辨认每一张图片代表的月相。 如果你需要帮助,请点击上面的连接。

  • Compare each of your photos to  Moon Phases Diagram 
  • 比较你拍摄的每一张图片和上面的月相图片/或者下面的月相链接。

  • Save your photo and your comparisons to post all the 5 pictures on the web page you will create in activity five.
  •  保存你的照片和你的比较对象,并将你的5张照片发布到你在活动5中创建的网页上。

Activity 5: Create Your Web Page & Share Your Photos


Your web page should include:

All the photos you selected from each of your observations in a chronological order, and each photo should include the date, time, location and the name of moon phase.
你从每天的观测中选出的所有照片,并以时间顺序陈列。 每一张照片需要包括日期,时间,地点,以及月相的名称。

Information about moon knowledge and stories learned in class and 

after class (book, TV, movie, etc.).


Information about your experience and feeling about moon, and the relationships between the moon and human beings, e.g. lunar surface, phase, eclipse, tide or ocean wave changes and so on.


Your work (writing, drawing, painting, photograph, flash, video, etc.) so that others may comment on it.   

Use this information in the webpage you create for this project for others to review and comment.

To start your webpage, find your school name on the drop down menu at the top of this webpage. Once you are on your schools webpage, scroll to the bottom and click 'create page'.

创建网页的开始,你要在本页顶部的下拉栏中找到你学校的名字。当你打开你学校的网页,滚动到最下放,点机‘创建网页’( Create Page)

NOTE: Please including addresses (or latitude and longitude) for each photo/audio, if possible, so the Project can include the specific location on the interactive map listed just above the date on this page.


Activity 6: Comment on The Moon Over Us: Faces and Phases Web Pages


If you are from the USA, please select one page from the USA and two pages from other participating countries that do not have comments. Read the information and then make a comment.


The comment should contain complete sentences with the answers to these questions: What did you find on the page that caught your eye? What information is accurate on the page? What do you like about the page?

你的评论需要由完整的句子组成,并回答以下问题:你在网页上发现了什么东西非常吸引你的眼睛? 网页上的什么信息非常的详细?你喜欢这个网页的什么地方?

Activity 7: What did You Learn?

Please re-read your webpage and the comments. Make a final comment at the bottom of your web page about what you have learned in this project.

Now you are ready to take the final survey! Click HERE for the final survey!

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