6. Virtual Vacation

Virtual Vacation


Welcome and Good School Year!

Did you ever dream about visiting far-away places but didn´t have the opportunity?
In this project we give you the opportunity to take a virtual vacation - to travel without leaving home.
Kidlinkers around the world are inviting you to visit and they also want to visit you.
Do you want to know more?

The Project comprises four phases concerning the following topics:

Phases Topics
Inviting friends
Where do you want to go?

Planning a 3 day visit
"Journeys" and "Visitors"

Right from the beginning there should be a lot of interactive talk. Students are invited to create their introduction page where it will be possible to Add  Comments and to use Kidmail or KidCom  to contact each other and exchange information and discuss interests and possibilities.

You will find many discussion questions and classroom activities in each phase. No one is expected to do them all! We give you many ideas but feel free to use those that are appropriate for your class.

Teachers are encouraged to use their own imagination and ideas within this module. The description is only a guide but other things related to the topic are always welcome.

Come join us for a "Virtual Vacation"!

Students Works

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The Program

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  6. Virtual Vacation

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