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Clues for the Primary Game - 2011

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1. Send QUESTIONS ONLY, not guesses. All guesses are made at the end of the project.
2. Some schools have multiple teams. Specify which team your question is for.
3. One email per week may be sent to each team. 
4. Your question must be one that can be answered with a YES or NO.  
5. Always identify your school team, when sending questions OR answering questions.  We have a lot of teams, sometimes more than one from a single school, so avoid confusion by being very clear in your communications.

Project questions/comments to Terry Smith,  Landmark Coordinator:

March 7: Primary Clues Week 3

(1)Abanskaya School 3 - (Team Tarasevic) Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia

1. It is next to the meeting point of two rivers.
2. It is a motherland of one of the Russian celebrities. Children love him very much.
3. It is one of the oldest of its kind.

4. It was very rich, so it was attacked in 1218.
5. It is the last train station.
6. It is cold snowy and frosty.

7. Tourists come here only in November-January.
8. There are a lot of churches and monasteries here.
9. It is on the North of our country

(2) Abanskaya School 3 - (Team Kazakova) Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia - Aban - Natalia Kazakova-15 students of Grade 7

1. I became the ninth in my country in 2010.
2. I give the territory an outstanding aesthetic significance.
3. Basalt plates, mountain country.

4. Hunting, fishery and deer breeding.
5. Latitude 70N
6. It is the only habitat for one of the world’s largest poorly studied mammals.
7. A lot of deep lakes, the highest density of waterfalls.
8. Some canyons can be compared to the Colorado Grand Canyon.
9. The highest waterfall of my country is situated here.

(3)Alexander Doniphan Elementary (AD Team 4) Liberty, MO
4th grade

1. Our landmark can be found in the same hemisphere as the capital of the United States.
2. Our landmark is located between 30 and 50 degrees north latitude.
3. Our landmark covers 3,466 acres.

4. Our landmark is located approximately 25 miles away from a major city.
5. At one time 11,000 people were at our landmark.
6. Men located at our landmark at one time suffered from lack of clothing, lice, lack of heat, and lack of shoes.

7. There are buildings at our landmark that measure 16 X 14 feet.
8. Christmas time brought hunger to our landmark.
9. Our landmark became a national park in 1976 to coincide with a bicentennial.

(4)Alexander Doniphan Elementary (AD Team 5) Liberty, MO
5th grade

1. You can find this landmark between 20 and 40 degrees north latitude.
2. Our landmark is in the same hemisphere as Cairo, Egypt.
3. Our landmark is on the continent of Asia.

4. Danger signs are posted near our landmark.
5. Our landmark covers 400 square miles and is about 10 miles wide.
6. It’s one of the lowest dry points on Earth.

7. Fresh water is threatening the tourism of our landmark.
8. Some important documents are associated with our landmark and date back as far as 200 B.C..
9. Our landmark is located approximately 1,500 feet below sea level.


(5) Ananda Marga River School(Team Regents) Maleny, QLD, Australia

1. This place is in the Southern Hemisphere.
2. The place is roughly 1 kilometre long.
3. This place is an Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks.

4. This place is closest to Latitude 34 degrees South.
5. This place has over 1 million visitors each year.
6. On average on a summers day, there are approximately 4 – 5 000 people a day that visit this place.

7. A famous area very close to this place has been the home of winter swimming since 1929.
8. This place was added to the Australian National Heritage List in 2008.
9. This place is a great place to surf!


(6) ACS-Beirut  (Team 4A-Mrs. Hoballah)
1. It is a prehistoric landmark in the Northern hemisphere.
2. It is older than 2400 BC.
3. Many people visit this every year.

4. It took more than 1,000 years to build.
5. It is not triangular or a square or a pyramid.
6. It is not soft and not too rough.

7. It is bigger than an elephant and smaller than an amusement park.
8. It is in near 51 N latitude.
9. It is believed to be a place of religious significance.


(7) ACS-Beirut (Team 4B-Miss Arij)

1. This landmark is located in the northern hemisphere.
2. It was built in 10th century.
3. Historical records indicate that 16 hereditary kings had ruled there.

4. Found on a hillside at about 300 meters in height.
5. Invaded by eight national armies.
6. It can be found at about 32 N Latitude.

7.  The ruins (more than 300 chapels, 300 caves, 5 temples and palaces) can be found within an area less than the size of 35 football fields.
8. The wood was shipped in from Kashmir.
9. In the temples many lively murals and clay sculptures can be still seen.


(8) ACS-Beirut  (Team 4C-Ms. Kristina)

1. It is in the northern hemisphere.
2. 3.5 million people come here each year.
3. It was once the tallest of its kind in the world.

4. It can be found near 52° N latitude.
5. You can see for 25 miles in each direction at the top.
6. Each compartment holds 25 people.

7. This landmark is 135 meters high at its peak.
8. Since its opening, it has had 5 name changes.
9. It was built in 1999.


(9) ACS-Beirut  (Team 4D)

1. Our landmark is a memorial to me.  It is surrounded by trees and a bridge is nearby.
2. I worked in the vaudeville circuit.
3. I have been featured in many stories and films.

4. My mission began in 1925.
5. The landmark is in the northern hemisphere near 40 Latitude.
6. Five days and 7 hours are important numbers for me.

7. My monument, made of bronze, slate, and rock, is located in a famous park.
8. Before my death, I lived in Alaska, California, and Ohio.
9. Children and Fredrick Roth liked me a lot, I think.


(10) ACS-Beirut (Team 5A Rocks)

1.  It is not manmade.
2.  It is at Longitude 35 degrees 49' 29.4'' E
3.  It is near a famous ski resort

4.  It is spanning a river.
5.  It has never been officially measured, but is approximately 125 feet long, 70 feet high, 30 feet thick and 75 feet wide.
6.  It is made of limestone, karst limestone to be exact.

7.  It is in the northern hemisphere.
8.  The river is called the White River, or Milk River, in Arabic (Nahr el Laban)
9.  It’s named after the village nearby, which means ‘the village of the deer’ in  Syriac


(11) ACS-Beirut  (ACS-Team 5B)

1. The Longitude is 13 E.
2. It is located in the same hemisphere of the Federated States of Micronesia.
3. It is fully decorated with paintings, artifacts and epigraphy.

4. People who stay there wear their best clothes.
5. A person nicknamed Sleeping Beauty was one of the last people to enter our landmark.
6. Our landmark is divided into many sections.

7. Taking photographs of our landmark is prohibited.
8. It was built in the same century when the Wanli Emperor of Ming China simplified the Chinese language.
9. "Abandon all hope ye who enters here" was what the people who built this landmark used to threaten civilians with.


(12) ACS-Beirut (Team 5D Brainiacs) -
1. Our landmark was created accidentally in 1971.
2. It is located in the middle of a desert.
3. We are located in the northern hemisphere.

4. Natural gas is in great supply.
5. Our country’s flag was officially adopted 10 years ago.
6. We are located near a village that has a population of less than 500.

7. You can find us just north of  40N latitude.
8. The name of our town means “The Gate”.
9. This landmark was supposed to have a limited existence, but it's still alive!


(13) Berezovka school,(Team Ilyushenko)  Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia
1. It was in the village, but now it is a part of the city.
2. It celebrates the birth of a famous person of my country.
3. It’s in the World Heritage List.
4. It is an example of tent-roofed architecture in the country.
5. Festivals and traditional religious celebrations every year.
6. Latitude 60 N
7. The 16th century
8. Started as a very wise ruler and ended as a devil.
9. His son’s death


(14) Cathedral of  Raymond's School (Team Powers 1) Joliet, IL
1. It's primary purpose for use today began there on Sept 19, 1971
2. It was built in 20 months-the shortest time to build a structure like this on record
3. From 1935-1968 this facility contained an auto racing track

4. It is dedicated to people who have died while serving in the armed forces
5. 61,500 people can be seated here at the same time
6. The city park district owns the facility

7. The Greco-Roman architectural tradition was used in the original design of this facility
8. Latitude 41 degrees North, longitude 87 degrees West
9. Located in Northern hemisphere

(15) Cathedral of  Raymond's School (Team Powers 2) Joliet, IL
1. Lorimer Rich was the architect for this
2. Hurricane Isabel caused great damage to it
3. The marble used is the finest and whitest of American marble

4. The idea for it originated in Britain
5. To work here you must be 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 2 inches and have a waist size of no more than 30 inches
6. Latitude 38.9 N and 77 W

7. Built in 1931 and opened to the public in 1932
8. Northern hemisphere
9. It cost $48,000 to build

(16) Cathedral of  Raymond's School (Team Kabellis 1) Joliet, IL

1.  1,250,000 bricks were used to build the structure.
2.  People believe that this landmark may be haunted.
3.  Over 175,000 tourists visit this landmark each year.

4.  The present building as it stands today was completed in 1870.
5.  It was moved from its original location in 1999.
6.  There are a total of 257 steps to reach the top.

7.  It is located in the Northern Hemisphere.
8.  Because of its black and while coloring, its nickname is the Big Barber Pole.
9.  It's coordinates are 35degrees N and 75degrees W.


(17) Cathedral of  Raymond's School (Team Kabellis 2) Joliet, IL

1.  It was built in 1869.
2.  Local limestone blocks were used to construct building.
3.  Structure resembles a small European medieval castle.

4.  The building houses a 138 ft. high standpipe that holds water.
5.  It is located in the Norther Hemisphere.
6.  Only one of a few buildings that survived a fire.

7.  Inspired the design of White Castle.
8.  Was featured in The Amazing Race 6 in 2004.
9.  It's coordinates are 41degrees N and 87degrees W


(18) Dawul Remote Community School,Kununurra, Western Australia

1. This landmark is found at 15.48 degrees south latitude.
2. It was made from concrete and chicken wire.
3. 5.5 kilometres of steel rods and 50 kilograms of welding rods were used in the construction.
4. This fierce-looking landmark is 18 metres long and 3 metres wide.
5. It is the largest of its kind in the world.
6. It can be found in the Eastern Hemisphere.
7. 1987 is a significant date associated with this landmark.
8. Sculptor, Andrew Hickson, constructed it with the assistance of local technical college students.
9. This landmark is found in the oldest and northernmost town in the Kimberley region.


(19) Eugene Field- Hannibal, MO - (Team Oleksy) -
1. I'm a famous place in the Northern  Hemisphere.
2. I am more than 2,000 years old.
3. My storehouses contain 1,052,653 rare objects that aren't displayed.

4. My longitude is 116 degrees.
5. I cover 178 acres.
6. A Starbucks opened here in the year 2000 but later closed down.

7. Normal people were not allowed access until 1925.
8. Construction on me began in 1406
9. I don't really have  9,999 rooms, I have 8,707 rooms


(20) Eugene Field- Hannibal, MO - (Team Huseman) -

1. Not in the Southern Hemisphere.
2. From one, many.
3. 1873

4. Considered to be sacred in India and Pakistan.
5. 156 degrees West Longititude.
6. Size of an entire city block.

7. I mean merchant.
8. Commemorates 50th anniversary of Christian missionaries.
9. King Bill the First


(21) Eugene Field- Hannibal, MO - (Team Paszkiet) -
1. Rodney put our landmark up.
2. It cost $850,000 or more.
3. It represents something that happened on top of a peak.

4. It is in the northern hemisphere.
5. It was put up over 58 years ago.
6. It represents the job of marines.

7. It is based on a war story.
8. It has a flag on it.
9. It is by the Washington Monument. 


(22) Franklin Elementary (Team Fisher) Liberty, MO

1. This landmark’s latitudinal location is 53.5 North
2. This landmark is a “miracle of nature”
3. This landmark experiences constant movement due to the tectonic plates.

4.Largest, Deepest, Oldest
5.The largest land mass in this landmark is 46 miles long.
6. This landmark is located in the same hemisphere as the Chiricahua National Monument.

7. In 1990 scientists became very interested in the floor.
8. This landmark might be the world’s next ocean.
9. This landmark has hydrothermal vents.


(23) Gerald Ford Elem (Team Simonsen)Indian Wells,CA

1. This place sometimes has water, and has lots of desert plants and animals.
2. People come here to use the long hiking trails.
3. It falls between 20 and 40 degrees north latitude.
4. There are red tail hawks breeding and hunting here.
5. Trees here get burned, and survive to make more dates.
6. Around 700 AD it was about 15 miles from the Sea of Cortez. Today it is over 200 miles away.

7. Water takes six years to reach the canyon floor. Some water runs down fast in creeks. Most rain and snow water seeps through the rocks and comes out springs near the canyon floor.
8. It is in the western hemisphere.
9. The Agua Caliente band of American Indians have been living here for thousands of years. This is the part of the valley with the most regular fresh water supply.


(24) Gymnasia 1 (Team 1)  Kalachinsk, Russia -

1.  My creator was Frederick Bartholdi.
2. A sonnet "The new Colossus" was written in honour of me.
3. I am in western hemisphere.

4. I am nearly 93-m tall.
5. I am a navigating reference point.
6. My latitude is 41 degrees N.

7. I am a present for a century of American Revolution.
8. I am situated on Liberty Island.
9. I am called "Lady Liberty".


(25) Gymnasia 1 (Team 2)  Kalachinsk, Russia -

1. I was built in the beginning of the 15 century.
2. For almost 500 years, it served as the home of emperors and their households.
3. I was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

4. My area is 720 square meters.
5. My latitude is 39 N in northern hemisphere.
6. I have been a museum since 1925.

7. I am surrounded by Golden Water River.
8. According to a legend I consist of 9999 rooms.
9. I served as a scene to a work of fiction for "30 seconds to Mars".


(26) Gymnasia 1 - (Team 3)  Kalachinsk, Russia -

1. I had been built for nearly 20 years.
2. My walls built are made of semipermeable marble.
3. According to a legend the building-twin made of black marble must have been settled down on another river's bank.

4. I have 5 dames and my height is 74m.
5. UNESCO officially recognized me as a World Heritage Site in 1983.
6. My latitude is 27 N.

7.My creator was Us tad Isa.
8. I am "a pearl" of Muslim Art.
9. I built by the order of Shah-Djahan in honour of his wife.


(27) Gymnazium #1 (The Next Generation) Kalachinsk, Russia -

1. This landmark occupies the space which looks like a triangle.
2. It gave the birth of the city.
3. It is situated on the left bank of the river on the hill.

4. This landmark is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
5. It has 20 towers.
6. It wasn’t destroyed during the WWII: enemy planes couldn't find it because it had been hidden.

7. Its coordinates are 55 N, 3 E
8. First it had walls made of wood, then white-stone walls. In the 15 century they were replaced by brick ones.
9. It is an official residence of the head of state.


(28) Gymnazium #1 (Team Funny Kids) Kalachinsk, Russia -

1. This landmark is on the territory of two countries.
2. The origin of its name is unknown.
3. It is 20-25 million years old.

4. There are more than 20 islands in it.
5. It is UNESCO World Heritage Site.
6. There are a lot of legends associated with it.

7. People who live next to it, call it "the Sea".
8. Its coordinates are53.5 N, 108.2 E.
9. It is the deepest lake in the world.


(29)Gymnazium, Humpolec,Czech Republic-(Team SEKUNDA)

1. The Northern Hemisphere
2. Vari – coloured
3. The pyramids

4. The second populous country in the World
5. Nine tower gates
6. 50 m high

7. A co – mate of the God
8. Washing your feet before entry
9. The 10th parallel


(30)Gymnazium, Humpolec,Czech Republic-(Team PRIMA)

1. Not far away from tropic.
2. Situated near salted water
3. The most modern of my kind

4. 60 000 standing and 20 000 sitting
5. 1,25 billion dollars
6. round about again and again

7. World Cup is going to visit me
8. Four legs,no horns
9. I can be seen from Great sailboat


(31) Lafayette Regional (Super Fantastic 21)New Hampshire -

1. I was built in the 1900's
2. They love me so much there is a place for them
3. We are many but can work as one.

4. I am surrounded by clouds but I can see clearly.
5. My image is distorted by my weight
6. I am near the southern most line on the Earth where the sun can be directly above

7. I can look but have no eyes
8. I share the same half of the globe as the nation of Tuvalu
9. I look upon the old but I am young.

(32) Manor Hill Elementary School - (Team Green) - Liberty, MO -

1. The country, this landmark is located in, is slightly smaller than Wyoming.
2. The flag has three different colors.
3. The population of the country is larger than Qatar and smaller than Philippines.

4. In 1920, I became the residence for the royal family.
5. There are tuhatta and neljäsataa steps.
6. This landmark is in the same hemisphere as the highest mountain in the world.

7. This landmark has 57 rooms and a secret passageway.
8. The people in my country may eat ardei umpluti.
9. I can be found at 46 N.

(33) Narragansett Elementary School - Narragansett, RI (Team Prest)

1. The date for the discovery of this landmark was in the mid-1800s.
2. You might notice the colors of this landmark changing throughout the day.
3. Tourists began visiting this location around 1950.

4. This landmark is approximately 15 m high and over 100 m long.
5. This landmark has been around since before dinosaurs!
6. Right now it is summer in the hemisphere where you’ll find this landmark.

7. More than 100,000 people visit this landmark annually.
8. After visiting this place, you might also enjoy Lake Magic.
9. This landmark is located near the 32 S. latitude.


(34) Narragansett Elementary School- Narragansett, RI (Team Ward-Bowen)

1. 24 inches thick.
2. 30 feet diameter.
3. 1951.

4. Leaf.
5. Between 70-90 degrees
6. Northern hemisphere

7. 24th biggest.
8. Fireman.
9. Contest winner


(35) Oberthur Primary (Team Lowe) Bullcreek, W.Australia -

1. It’s important to a major industry.
2. It has more than one name.
3. It has an environmental impact.

4. Extends above and below ground.
5. In the Eastern Hemisphere.
6. Partly lit at night.

7. Passes through 29 degrees S Latitude.
8. Built during the 1880's.
9. The longest of its kind on the world.


(36) Ouray School (Team Trojans) Ouray, Colorado

1. Anazasi Indians lived here in 1200 a.d.
2. This landmark is in the United States near a place where four states meet.
3. These people were able to grow their own food which was mostly grains.

4. This landmark was made of sandstone.
5. This landmark is an elevation 2,402 meters.
6. The longitude of this landmark is 108-22'5'' W.

7. The latitude of this landmark is 37-15'52 N.
8. This landmark is in a wilderness area.
9. 560,000 people visit this landmark a year.


(37) The Ridgeway Primary School - Reading, Berkshire, England -

1. Construction began in 1984
2. It lies in the northern hemisphere
3. It crosses the river of Kings

4. 4/5 years ago it had a royal makeover
5. It was opened on a King's birthday
6. It is close to 100 degrees longitude

7. When it was finished it ranked no.2 in the world for it's type
8. 68 holds it together
9. The distance of 450m is a vital statistic


(38) Rowsley Primary - Derbeyshire, England-

1. Facing downhill
2. In 1997 the country had a population of 2,262,309
3. It is in the Northern Hemisphere

4. It is 108 feet high
5. It is between 22 and 26 degress North.
6. 80 Kilometres per hour

7. The colours of the country's flag are green, red, black and white
8. Between 22 and 26 degrees North
9. You must be 1.1M tall


(39) St. Oswald's Primary (Ossie Owls) Burneside, England

1. A world heritage site
2. 135 km long
3. Found in the northern hemisphere

4. 55 degrees latitude
5. Goes through three northern counties of 'Britannia'
6. Built in the early second century

7. Highest point 345 metres above sea level
8. About six years in the making
9. Built for Caesar Trajan Hadrian Augustus


(40) St. Patrick's School (Team Pats 7) Joliet, IL -

1. This is an "eternal" monolithic structure just celebrating it's 100th birthday.
2. This location is found in a country bordering the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
3. This location was once a sea where you can find Ammonite fossils.
4. This location is in the country whose southern coast was the site of the largest oil spill in 2010.
5. This structure can be found within the state whose state snack is often eaten at movie theaters.
6. This structure stands along side the 130 mile long tributary to a river about 2000 miles long.
7. This concrete statue is memorializing the person who signed the Corn Treaty.
8. This structure is on a bluff overlooking the site of the state's shovelnose sturgeon record.
9. It is near 40 degrees North and 90 degrees West.


(41) St. Patrick's School (Team Pats 8) Joliet, IL -

1. During the civil war criminals and prisoners of war were housed at this location.
2. Niagara Falls, Buckingham Fountain, and the Kremlin all have this in common with our location.
3. The country of this location is on the 3rd largest continent in the world for land area.
4. This location built of limestone was closed for the safety of its town in 2002.
5. The country of this location is south of the country who was the hose to the 2010 Winter Olympics.
6. This location can be found 50 miles away from the 5th largest lake in the world by area.
7. This is found in the city of stone and steel.
8. Many famous movies and films were filmed here including one starring John Belushi.
9. The location is near 41 degrees North and 88 degrees West.


(42) Saints Peter & Paul Primary, Mitcham (Team Amenite)London,England,

1. It is the only one the whole of Europe.
2. It is found in South West London.
3. It is elegant, ornamental and functional.
4. It was moved to this site in 1976
5. It is mainly used for teaching and practise.
6. Many parts make up the whole of this unique landmark.
7. It was built and funded by another country and its government.
8. Gold and orange are important colours.
9. It is built to honour something 2500 years old


(43) Saints Peter & Paul Primary Mitcham (Team Silvium)London,England,
1. It is in central London, close to 0 degrees longitude.
2. Although well known, it holds a secret.
3. It is the secret that is the interesting landmark.
4. This was discovered during a building operation in 1995.
5. This landmark is unique and very recognisible to tourists and Londoners, due to its shape.
6. Historically this is a very interesting site as it has seen many changes through thousands of years.
7. The secret is less well known than the more famous landmark, where it is found.
8. 12 years after its discovery it was given its own ceremony.
9. The secret has taught Londoners more about the history of their city.
(44) St. Rose School (Team Mosier-Viano) Wilmington, IL -

1. Landmark has the same name as a constellation.
2. It is about 11 meters.
3. It is made of fiber glass.
4. It is part of the 60's pop culture.
5. It is photographed more than the population of the city where it is located.
6. It is in the hemisphere where you can see the Big Dipper.
7. It is an accessory for a restaurant that originally served hot dogs and ice cream.
8. The landmark is between 80 and 90 degrees west longitude.
9. It is a roadside attraction on the mother road.


(45) Somers Academy (Team Flynn) Somersville, CT

1. This landmark opened the same decade the the book "The Hobbit" was written.
2. If this landmark were built today, it would cost nearly 1.2 billion dollars.
3. This landmark is found in the northern hemisphere of the world.

4. If you were to count the rivets in this landmark structure, you would
find over 600,000.
5. The latitude coordinate for this landmark is between 34 degrees north
and 39 degrees north.
6. This landmark was built in the 20th century and took the lives of many
men while it was being constructed due to high winds.

7. This landmark took over four years to build.
8. This landmark has Pacific Ocean waters flowing beneath it.
9. This landmark connects urban areas.


(46) Veteran's Elementary - Hannibal, MO (Megamind Smartypantz)

1. January 13
2. Native American Land
3. Home to short-faced bear, Cheetah, Camel, and sloth

4. 37 degrees
5. No cats or dogs allowed
6. Military site

7.Not in the Southeast Hemisphere
8.Walk down Broadway
9. Pelican


(47) Veteran's Elementary- Hannibal, MO (Team Seago)
1. Travel in a compact car built for five.
2. February 12, 1963
3. 210 yards tall

4. Northwest Hemisphere
5. Travel on an adventure with early explorers.
6. $13 million + 13 men = 4 million + each year.

7. 38 degrees North
8. Located in a famous town by a famous river.
9. Man-made monument


(48) Waialae Charter School – Honolulu,Hawaii -

1. This landmark has almost 300 steps.
2. It has three bells.
3. The landmark is not in the Western Hemisphere.

4. It took more than one time to build this landmark.
5. Its walls are 9 meters thick
6. On August 9th, the foundations for the landmark were laid.

7. It is almost 184 feet tall.
8. The landmark is near 10 degrees east.
9. 3.99 degrees is important to this landmark.


(49) Waimea Canyon School - Waimea, HI
1.  Not in the same hemisphere as Bolivia 
2.  Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
3.  Supposedly a result of a mess or many tears

4.  Between 9 and 10 degrees North
5.  Not man made
6.  Walk up steps to read about me

7.  1988
8.  Turns green then brown
9.  No one knows how they were formed

Late Addition
(50) Laingsburg Elem - (Team Meyer) Laingsburg, MI - - skype meyerisland

1. It is not in the southern hemisphere
2. it is referenced in a famous speech
3. it has something that is the largest of it's kind

4. made of quartz monozonite, granite, and granodiorite
5. first"discovered" by Europeans in 1597
6. about 85* West

7. site of venue that included a number of Olympic events including archery, tennis, and track cycling
8. contains a number of nature trails
9. 90 x 190 feet and 42 feet deep showcasing 3 famous Civil War Southerners

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