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Clues for the Challenge Game - 2011

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1. Send QUESTIONS ONLY, not guesses. All guesses are made at the end of the project.
2. Some schools have multiple teams. Specify which team your question is for.
3. One email per week may be sent to each team. 
4. Your question must be one that can be answered with a YES or NO.  
5. Always identify your school team, when sending questions OR answering questions.  We have a lot of teams, sometimes more than one from a single school, so avoid confusion by being very clear in your communications.

Project questions/comments to Landmark Coordinator:

March 7: Challenge Clues Week 3


(1) Barneveld School (Team A)
1. Part of it has almost disappeared, and the rest of that part will be gone within 10 years.
2. About ten visitors die from accidents there every year.
3. The native people who live there think it is a place of danger and death, and that an evil spirit lives there.

4. It is a very cold place located only 200 miles south  of  the equator
5. It has been sleeping for over 300,000 years.
6. It has 6 different habitats in one place, ranging from rain forest, to desert, to arctic-like conditions.

7. The first non-native person found it in 1860
8. Its name means "whiteness" and "greatness"
9.A famous American writer wrote a novel about it.

(2) Barneveld School (Team B)  
1. The whole complex is 435 acres in size. It is found in the northern hemisphere
2. It used to be a hunting preserve. The building originally was a hunting lodge.
3. Two of its rooms are named Chinese rooms because they contain  treasures from the far East, like silks, vases and artwork.

4. There is a famous fountain with a sculpture of one of the ancient Greek gods
5. Napoleon lived there at one time.
6. It has one of the world's oldest zoos.

7. Mozart gave a concert there when he was very young.
8. Its name means "pretty spring"
9. The Turks destroyed the first one in the late 17th century

(3) Cite Scolaire Internationale/CSI (Team CSI) Grenoble, France -

1. I’m both in the North and south. Log in at nm and find my national cake.
2. Water cracks me up but jokes don’t weather me.
3. You can’t fire us into a bunny hole since we kiss.

4. Like AC,DC, I’m very hard rock. “I’m on a Highway to Hell." I rock but I don’t roll.
5. Come fly with me but leave me where I am. You will be in the middle of nowhere. You

think you’ve found me? Well, dream on.
6. You’ll find zebras in my reserve.

7. I’m a sacred site. I have extraordinary powers. I’m a spectacular pink at sunset.
8. Olga’s like me.
9. Are u larking around again? If you are, don’t lose them.


(4) Grey Nun Academy - Yardley, PA  -
Linda Rowan

1. One of the world’s largest of its kind.
2. The location borders the Pacific Ocean.
3. It is in the same location as the original building, but it is now a different building.
4. It opened in 1960s.
5. You can stand next to stars.
6. It takes you back in history.
7. On Fisherman’s Wharf
8. Near Pier 39.
9. Michael Jordan, Will Smith, and Bill Gates all hang out here.

1. I touch the future.
2. A conic section.
3. A shallow ditch.

4. A chalice and a crown.
5. I am situated in the town which is 51 years old.
6. 16, 40, 60, VI.

7. O.N.
8. You  look at the sky and you see angels.
9. My creator is an atheist but he has done his best for church service.


1. I am on  the North  Hemisphere.
2. I am rounded.
3. I was growing up for ten years. Now I am 2 years old.

4. I am funny and coloured.
5. I  was made from clay.
6. I didn't  know, what I would be, I thought about kindergarten, museum or  Spanish galleon.

7. I am  an animal.
8. I have been waiting for you in Europe in the capital city.
9. I am famous because of French cuisine.

1. I was founded at the end of 20th century.
2. I lay on the riverbank.
3. My landmark is on the imaginary triangle.

4. I've got a lot of siblings in the world.
5. My mum looks after me.
6. I invite you to my  "board".

7. The cems which are parts of me, don't fit together.
9. I am named after an American philanthropist, who was born in Switzerland.


(8) Gymnazium #1 (Team Friendship) Kalachinsk, Russia -

1. This landmark is 60 meters high.
2. This landmark has several names.
3. In front of the landmark you can see a monument made of bronze.

4. The landmark was constructed in the time of the cruel ruler of the country.
5. In the computer game Emergency 2012 this land mark participates in one of the

6. Some parts of it are golden.

7. It is almost 500 years old.
8. 57 N, 37 E.
9. One of its names is associated with the name of a saint.

(9) Gymnazium #1 (Team Russian Girls) Kalachinsk, Russia -

1. This landmark is very old.
2. It was blue and violet.
3. It guards the cemetery.

4. Length - 73 meters, height - 20 meters.
5. Long ago the greater part of this landmark sunk in sand.
6. There are 3 passages under the landmark and two of them are still not found.

7. 29N, 31E.
8. This creature was sent to Thebes as a punishment by a goddess.
9. If a man didn’t guess the riddle, this creature killed him.

(10) Gymnazium #1 (Team Paradox) Kalachinsk, Russia -

1. The site has 294 steps.
2. It has 7 bells.
3. It had been built for 200 years.

4. The architect who designed it is still unknown.
5. It has 8 floors, the upper floors are forbidden for tourists.
6. It was used as an observation post by the Nazis during the Second World War.

7. It is in country which is a homeland of spaghetti.
8. Its geographic coordinates are approximately 40 degrees N and 10 degrees E
9. There is a 1/2 size copy of it in Niles, Illinois.

(11) Lewis & Clark Elem. (Team Trailblazer) Liberty, MO-
1. Located in a country where the colors of the flag represent hope, faith, and charity
2. From marble our landmark is made
3. Honesty is the best policy

4. Our landmark was featured in a 1953 movie
5. Our landmark is located in a church that shares the name of one of Christopher

Columbus’ ships
6. A clever individual supposedly stopped this landmark from working

7. You can find a city within our city
8. Replicas of our circular landmark can be found in Paris, Spain, Hungry, and Denmark
9. Such a mystery!  What is it… drain cover, ancient fountain, temple water collector, well cover?

(12) Liberty Oaks Elem (Liberty Oaks Lions) Kansas City, MO

1. My country is transcontinental as it’s located in two different continents.
2. In 1860 I was changed with many different colors and I haven’t been changed since.
3. My inside is maze like

4. Some say nine of my parts look like a vegetable that bring tears to your eyes.
5. I’m located in the northern hemisphere
6. Named after the “holy fool”

7. Legend says my builder was ordered to be blinded upon completion
8. I have escaped destruction a number of times
9. Purple-blue + commonly used polygon = my location

(13) Linkhorne  MS, Lynchburg,VA (LMS 7)
Email was changed for week 3 due to problems.

1. Is it or isn’t it?
2. A turtle is here
3. Though 25 m tall, I cannot be seen from a distance

4. Protected by a stone fence
5. The Monument
6. Though made to tell time, part of me never sees the sun

7. Related to a Rosetta Stone
8. Waterproof
9. Though not in Egypt, I contain a pyramid

(14) Schuylkill Valley Middle School - (The Three Trees) - Leesport, PA -

1. Supposed location of European Monarch’s adornments.
2. Inspired numerous works of fiction.
3. G.H., W.C., and R.P., have tried to uncover its mysteries.

4. Ersatz hole or sinking gap? It is a mystery.
5. Many Masonic markings found here.
6. Designers (if any) may have subjected searchers to natural disasters.

7. People have died trying to search in this landmark.
8. It is in the northern hemisphere.
9. It is thought to be the hiding spot of the contents of treasury hidden for protection from war. It’s believed to not have been recovered in seven years after it was hidden.

(15) Schuylkill Valley Middle School (SVMS Group A) Leesport,PA -

1. It is in the northern hemisphere.
2. It might give you a warm thought.
3. It is quite the powerhouse.

4. It has guardians of bronze with wings like swans.
5. It holds the cure.
6. It uses its size to its advantage.

7. It’s still drying.
8. The lowest bidder got the job.
9. You might ask “watt” it is.

(16) School 29 (Team Tatyana)Smolensk,Russia,

1. I  am in Europe.
2. I belong to two countries.
3. My founder was a king.

4. I am the witness of breakup of a superpower.
5. There is a song about me.
6. You can see Great Mamamuszi, Emperor of the South and other Kings here.

7. I am a home for the relative of an American bull.
8. 33 bis.
9. ybzekalaehosv haphuse


(17) school664 - (Team Koptelova) Vostochny, Moscow, Russia ->   

1. There is a concert hall to listen to music
2. It is in the list of the UN World Heritage
3. If you are ill, you can be treated there.

4. All in all there more than 700.
5. The total area is a bit less than 200 square kilometres
6. It was a shelter to man for thousands of years

7. It belongs to two countries
8. The biggest one has two names and the ratio is almost 5 to 1.
9  The Mascot is Fake Lizard.


(18) Shoal Creek Elem - Liberty, MO -

1. I am located in the same hemisphere as the country that has 700 islands.
2. This was a one man job.
3. I was started twenty years after Panama achieved their independence from Columbia.

4. My creator discovered the ways of the ancient builders to build me but he didn’t pass those secrets on. These ways were amazing because my creator was small but he could move great things.
5. I am located in an area named by Ponce de Leon in honor of his nation’s Easter-time “Feast of Flowers”.
6. These words are associated with what I am…calicle, zooxanthellae, and polyps.

7. This part of me weighs 9 tons but I can be moved with one finger!
8. From within me, you can look at the Polaris, relax in a “rock”ing chair, and enjoy a 5000 lb. valentine.
9. Billy Idol wrote a song about me.  This song title is also part of the NCAA Tournament.  My creator called me this to remember an everlasting love that left him jilted.

(19) Warren Hills Elem - Liberty,MO -

1. It is said that this landmark is cursed and haunted.
2. I am the result of an overcrowded city.
3. The deceased made the first crossing.

4. The continent I am on starts with a vowel.
5. People abandoned parts of this landmark in 1795.
6. It was used as storage space at one time.

7. People once lived in this landmark, but conditions were so poor they were forced to move out.
8. Another word for it is grotto.
9. Near this place is a "swimming beast".



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