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Landmark Challenge Players 2011 

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Tips and Reminders  for Playing the Game

1. Send QUESTIONS ONLY, not guesses. All guesses are made at the end of the project.
2. Some schools have multiple teams. Specify which team your question is for.
3. One email per week may be sent to each team. 
4. Your question must be one that can be answered with a YES or NO.  
5. Always identify your school team, when sending questions OR answering questions.  We have a lot of teams, sometimes more than one from a single school, so avoid confusion by being very clear in your communications. 
[Use the Subject line of your e-mail to identify yourself and your intended team. ]

Subject:  Landmark Challenge - To Shoal Creek (Team Cole) from Gymnazium Humpolec (Team Tercie)




***Teams in Yellow are registered and ready to play for  2011***

2/20/2011    7:30  AM  CST                       Challenge Level  Landmark Teams                                   

(1) Barnveld School - (Team A) - Barnveld, Wisconsin -
(2) Barnveld School - (Team B) - Barnveld, Wisconsin -
(3) Cite Scolaire Internationale/CSI (Team CSI) Grenoble, France -
(4) Grey Nun Academy - Yardley, PA  -
(5) Gymnazium Humpolec - (Team Tercie) - Czech Republic -
(6) Gymnazium Humpolec - (Team Kvarta) - Czech Republic -
(7) Gymnazium Humpolec - (Team Kvinta) - Czech Republic -
(8) Gymnasium #1, (Team Friendship), Kalachinsk, Russia
(9)  Gymnasium #1, (Team Russian Girls), Kalachinsk, Russia
(10)  Gymnasium #1, (Team Paradox), Kalachinsk, Russia -
(11) Lewis & Clark Elem. - (Team Trailblazer) Liberty, MO --
(12) Liberty Oaks Elem (Liberty Oaks Lions) Kansas City, MO
(13) Linkhorne MS (Team LMS 7) Lynchburg ,VA  
(14) Schuylkill Valley Middle School - (The Three Trees) - Leesport, PA
(15) Schuylkill Valley Middle School - (SVMS Group A) - Leesport, PA -
(16) School 29 Smolensk (Team Tatyana) Russia,
(17) School664 Vostochny (Team Name?) Moscow, Russia  - (flu quarantine we hope ends soon)
(18) Shoal Creek Elem.  - (Team Cole) Kansas City, MO -
(19) Warren Hills Elem.- (Team Riedel) Liberty, MO -
 Not Playing this Year
() Naches Valley Middle School - (Naches Team A) Naches, WA
() St. Mark's Charter (7A Green) Colwich, Kansas 

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