Annual Report - Plan 2011

KA Annual Meeting 2011

Annual Report - Plan 2011

AofA Art 5 says:

"The Board's Annual Report and Financial Statement must be sent to the members together with the notice to the Annual Meeting."

The Document, once approved by the Annual Meeting 2011 will be made public from the Kidlink Association main page (

Kidlink Association Financial Plan 2011
  • Kidlink Association Financial Plan 2010 is sent as a separate document.
Kidlink Association Membership and Sponsorship
  • Further efforts must be done to get more members to the Kidlink Association. A working Kidlink Project depends on the support of paying members. But single person sponsors are also welcome.
Kidlink Dialog and Documentation
  • Many students use Facebook. We must inform all the students about our Facebook group and update the group regularely with news about Kidlink.
The Kidlink Site
  • We plan to migrate part of or all the services in the Kidlin    k Project from Kidspace to Drupal the coming summer 2011.
  • The nodes in Kidspace will remain brows-able as long as it is needed.
  • More and more youth connect with their smart-phones. We must have a mobile version of the Kidlink site.
  • We must have two forums, one for teachers and one for students.
  • We must have a better working chat to enhance the youth dialog and to allow real time project planning.
  • Node comments are an important part of the Kidlink site dialogue. Many students tend to write nonsense comments like "hehe". We have to look closer at this problem. Promoting a real and meaningful dialogue among kids is an important goal for 2011.
  • Students should visit Kidlink not only because their teachers want it. Kidlink must also be a valuable spare time resource for students who are interested in a global dialog.
  • One way to make our site more attractive is by having a more graphical layout for the site. Nice icons should tell what the links take you to. We will ask students to help us with this work through an art competition.
  • Chat and forum are important dialog tools for our youth and we must do our best to supply these services.
  • The main page must be more dynamic showing the life behind the scenes like eg, who is logging in, the latest texts written by students, who is available in chat, messages from students etc.
  • It is still difficult to find projects and particular pages. We must further improve the navigability of our site.
Privacy and Security
  • Further efforts will be done to secure the safety of our users. Privacy and security have the highest priority in the development of a new Kidlink site.
  • We had a decrease of about 50% in new Project member registrations in 2010. We need to evaluate the reasons of this loss and put efforts on getting more student leaders and students to become members of our Project.
Language areas
  • It’s very difficult to keep our language areas translated and updated. Actually we have pages in these languages: English, Català, Spanish, Italian and Swedish.  The pages are not structured the same way and we have Main pages only in English and Italian. We must find better translation solutions.
Youth engagement
  • We must continue our efforts to engage youth in the development of a global dialog.
  • The Multicultural Calendar (MCC) is the most visited and requested Kidlink resource. We must get a new look for it and find out why so few add new nodes to it.
  • We must promote the Multicultural Recipes (MCR) as teachers seem to be very interested in all Multicultural projects.
  • MCC, MCR and Roots will be the first projects of a new Multicultural area.
  • We will continue to reorganize WAI. As we did for WAI, Where and Rights, next step will be Roots.
  • We need to translate more projects into Castillano and Catalan.
  • We must promote the dialog between teachers in the Kidlink Google Forum
  • We should have a separate forum for each project.
    The collaboration between Kidlink and iCollaboratory will continue.
    Tournaments like Country Capitals are very popular. We must look for more kinds of tournaments, like eg poetry challenges.



Annual Meeting 2011

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