What are my rights?


 Module Goals:

  1. To examine 'rights' as students see them
  2. To collaborate with and learn from other students online
  3. To gather information from electronic sources
  4. Develop critical and creative thinking
  5. To compile a ''Kids' Bill of Rights''
  6. To be aware of our cultural differences knowing how to exploit them. To learn what are the features common to different cultures. 

Students will be able to:

  1. Read e-mail messages and respond to peers
  2. Work together in groups within their classrooms and also within groups of online students
  3. Use the writing process to inform, express personal ideas and to persuade  
  4. Search for information on the World Wide Web
  5. Analyze and interpret data using charts and graphs
  6. Compare and contrast information from several sources 
  7. Express ideas using art, drama or music as well as text


- How to create and edit pages
- How to manage students' pages
- How to add comments

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