Q.3-4 - Voice


Let your voice be heard!

3)  How do I want the world to be a better place to live when I'm older?
4)  What can I do now to help make the world a better place?

What in the past other kids said:

Sujitha from India - i would like to become a doctor and help the poor.. and make transgenders a privileged people in the society because i think they are unique creations of god and they must be treated better than any other person... according to me they shouldn't have the feeling of being different.. i would like to work for them...... and my perfect idea is to complete PHD. in cancer...... my role model is MRS. ... (chairman of cancer institute,Chennai)

Bibi from South Africa I want the people to stop fighting because all children get very sad and hurt. I dont like the war all over the world because children get hurt and they die. I see all this on tv and i get upset. I want all kids to be free...

Taylor from United States - I want dogs to stop being abused i want suvire charges against people who abuse dogs i want things Cheeper and i want way more things involved with dogs than people they are inportant to take up for dogs...please! I could become a top veterinarian and maybe get to talk to the president and he could make some of these changes.

Francis from Belize - do a child have a right to voice there opinion i think so i don't really know.

Guadalupe from Mexico me gustaria qeu se acabra la delicuencia las drogas las malas personas me gustaria que los que tenemos mas posibilidades ayudemos alos de menos posibilidades me gstaria que ya no hubiera gente pobre y me gustaria que todos fueramos iguales sin importar nada y que no haya contaminacion.

and ... Your Opinion?

Struggle for a better world!
Let's protect nature.
Stop racism.
We are against violence.

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