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I am very happy you take the leadership of a language area. It is your very first task to find teachers and students who want to help you,  as you wont be able to manage the whole area alone. Colleagues can help creating new project pages and students can help creating a Kid Center.Let the site grow, even if slowly, but well. You and your colleagues and students must have fun. Do not hurry nor kill yourself :) with work!Few dynamic and well written pages are better than a lot of empty dead pages.

About the main page

I use the three column template for this as you may need space for different links and kind of informations. The template is taken from the English HelpCenter were you can find other useful templates. The middle column is narrow, but I think it is good not to put in to much information on the main page as it makes it difficult to read. We must also the maximum width to 720 to make the page readable also on small screens. I help you if you have some technical problems or mess something up. IMPORTANT. Please keep backups of your texts!

External useful links are allowed e.g. in the main page. Please use the main page like a blog page with short news and allow peoples to make comments. I think the Kidlink main page is a quite good model for how to make a page dynamic. DO NOT FORGET. Important news should be put up on the main page too (HoldNode=1). I do it for you if you want.

About the language area page structure

Following the page structure we are trying to implement in the other languages,your main page should later on, have links to these pages:

- Help Center (with help for colleagues and students in your language)
- Project Center (for projects in your language)

You should link to

- Your Help Center should link to the English Help Center

Email me if I missed something. Please install and join our Kidlink Board Forum.

Stellan Kinberg
Kidlink Association Chairman


If one of your students creates a new page you may need to activate it to make it visible.

Step1 - After successfully logged in you will be re directed to Kidlink's main page.
Step 2
- At the very top of the page you will see an "Admin" link, click it.

You will be redirected to the Admin interface for adults. Here you will find the main page. Click on it and on the following pages to find your new unactivated pages.

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