Create a page ni Space

1. Where do you want to have your page? Move to that page first of all.

2. Be sure to be logged

3. Enable popup windows in your browser.

4. If you see the button "Create Page" at the bottom of the page it means you are allowed to do so. Click on the button.

 Create Page 

A window will pop up that looks like in this image but you have not the possibility to add images until after you save your page:

4. Type in the page title in the first text box.

5. Select additional settings for the page. If you are a Teacher or a Kidspace Manager, you will get 3 options right under the page title box.

The first box, when checked, makes the page active right after it's been created. The second box, when checked, makes your page to allow comments from Kidlink users. Finally, the last box, when checked, makes your page a project which means you will be able to create pages inside the one you are creating.

6. If you want use one of our templates Click on the TOGGLE MODE icon on the bottom right to shift to code view. Paste in the code of one of the templates. Click again on the TOGGLE MODE icon to view the page. Otherwise it's not necessary to click on the TOOGLE icon, but you can start to type on the big text area on the window.

7. Type in your page content. Once you have followed the previous steps,on the big text area on the window, start writing whatever you want. IMPORTANT. Do not paste texts from Browsers, Microsoft Word or other WYSIWYG word processors! These editors add codes that may create problems. Paste from notepad, gedit or similar editors. 

8. Save your page. When you are done working on your page content and want to save the page, click on the "Save Page" button from the top bar.

 Save Changes 

9. Once your page has been saved you will get an alert confirming you everything went smoothly and even though your page is not approved yet,you will still be able to keep on editting it and add pictures at your own will!

NOTE: Your page will NOT be available for public view until a project moderator or kidspace site administrator activates it!

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