Ilmi Nadhrah from Malaysia

Hello all..

First of all.. welcome to my kidpage

Let me introduce you about myself..

My name is Ilmi Nadhrah Katiman. I am 14 years old girl from Malaysia.I think i am the only person in the world whose name is Ilmi and i'm proud of it.

Ilmi came from the Arabic word of

  • Ilm (knowledge) + i (my)=My knowledge

Also, my arabic teacher said my name means "scientist" in arabic.

So, if i choose to be a scientist in the future, i will introduce my self like this : name is ilmi and i want to be an Ilmi in the future.. hehhehe :D

Nadhrah too came from the arabic word Nadira meaning "rare" or "fresh" or "good"

Katiman is my father's name. if u want to know what katiman means.. ask him ;o

So my name is Ilmi Nadhrah which means:

  • Ilmi + Nadhrah =Ilmi Nadhrah
  • My knowledge + Good = My knowledge is good
  • scientist + rare = rare scientist

If u are really interested about my name u can

read a report about my name on this site : www.




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