Kidlink Managers are volunteers who work to promote Kidlink, a non-profit grassroots organization working to empower children through the secondary school level with free educational programs, to help them get friends, and build inter-personal networks with peers around the world.


What you can do as a volunteer:

  • Translate from English into another language
  • Help moderators of our educational projects
  • Coordinate educational projects
  • Share your expertise with our children
  • Help us make our web pages more attractive and easy to surf
  • Provide feedback to students and teachers publishing their work
  • Contribute to dialogs in our Forum
  • Help us to develop our pages by Drupal
  • ........

What you can do as KID volunteer:

  • Kidlink Newspaper – You can develop your reporting skills and publish your article and stories and update what you think can be interesting to share with others.
  • Knowdledge Center - Pages written by students for students. Do you want to write about an issue? Do you have a nice handmade work you have done and want to share it to other kids/students? Write a comment below and tell us about it!
  • Response - Let your voice be heard. Kidlink believes that he future is yours and you could like to express your idea about peace and war, enviroment and pollution, poverty and racism. Kidlink can be a special place for special boys and girls and our dream is to help you to become a global citizen collaborating with peers all over the world.
  • Giramondo - A space where you can post photos taken by you of where you spend your vacation.
  • KidArt helper - For kids who know about and are interested in drawing, music, design, photo, multi-media. Provide feedback to students publishing art with their works. Suggest ideas for new competitions or makes kidart pages more attractive
  • Showcase - Share your emotions, fears and hopes through the universal language of art and to better understand the ones of your pairs over the world!
  • Programmers – Do you like to write programs, work with php and css, administer websites? Maybe you are the one we need for our website and server!

If you want to become a volunteer

If you want to become a volunteer,  contact us.