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Drawings made by MitvaS, PanktiB and VidhiK in Gujarat, India,


1. Join our community - get support and choose a project 

Do not be shy. Join immediately one of our teacher dialogues to get immediate help and support, eg our Facebook group in English. By doing so you will get in touch with experienced teachers from all over the world, teachers who will guide you to a success with your students.

Find an interesting project

  • Choose a project in the Project center
  • Look in our project archive for old projects that could be reactivated
  • If you do not find your project read below under "Suggest your own project". We have created a separate page about this. Read more...


2. Teacher registration (free of charge!)enlightened


3. Apply to participate in a project


4. Register your students ( Only if you want they get user and password to create pages by on their own)

To register your students click HERE and  follow instructions.

enlightenedIf you have troubles following the instructions, you can try in this way: 

Send the following data: student names, student account passwords, student age, School nation, school name, student email. (If they do not  have use teacher's email)

Send the data using one line per student according to this example in this order:

Jerry,Gfuz6115,10,USA,Baltimore Elementary,jerryA@mail.com Jame,Cecd9685,10,USA,Baltimore Elementary,jame2012@libero.com Anna,Xvpk2105,11,USA,Baltimore Elementary,anna345@gmail.com Pierre,Xwuj5357,10,USA,Baltimore Elementary,pierreA@hotmail.com

Send data to info(at)kidlink.net. or to the project's coordinator


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