Look after your Password!

Kidlink Systeam works daily to make our  site, safe from external intrusion. Our work will be more effective if becomes  more careful respecting basic safety rules . Prevention is better than cure!!

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How to create a secure password

We have found that www.getsafeonline.org has valuable information about how to choose secure passwords. Here is an excerpt copy of that page.>

Use Strong Passwords

    - Do not use words that can be found in a common dictionary.
    - Do not use user names, real names, company names or e.g. favourite football team names>
  • USE LONG PASSWORD: Have at least seven characters long passwords.  Longer passwords are harder to guess or break. You can use words only if you have a very long password.
  • DO NOT USE COMMON NUMBERS: Do not use numbers like years, birthday numbers, etc.
    - Use a mix of upper and lower case letters
    - Use numbers
    - Do NOT use symbols like "! @ # $ %  & * _ +")> as they may create login problems.

How to create a good password

Choose a sentence like "Love the Way you Lie!" or a song text. Choose also some numbers and you have a great password like "LtWyL134". (Do not use this example!). But also a text like "I like Love the Way you Lie!" is a good password.

Look after your password

    - Never disclose your passwords to anyone else. 
    - Don't enter your password when others can see what you are typing.
    - Don’t write passwords on papers or  in your phone. Inst ead, use memory tricks to remember them, like using memorable phrases as described above.
    - If you think that someone else knows your password, change it immediately.
  • UNIQUE PASSWORD: Use a unique password in Kidlink. Do not use it elsewhere.
  • CHANGE REGULARLY:  Change your passwords regularly.