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More ways to communicate:
We have several optional communication tools available for you:
Skype Project Forum

if you are registered for the project and approved I will email my skype name and we can group chat

Kidlink Stats for Cool Math Cats FB group


After you have registered at Kidlink 

you could be declined if:
  • you are registering late
  • there are not enough classes registered

and Before project starts If you choose to use our kidspace to run you class project

Register your students by having them create passwords, and by using  their first name only. If you choose padlet to post your projects you do not need to register students in kidlink kidspace.  You simply log in to my padlet account after I send you the password. You students can comment and create there. Become familiar with Padlet if you choose this option


 Register your students

Send the following data: student names, student account passwords, student age, School nation, school name, student email. (If they do not  have use teacher's email)

Send the data using one line per student according to this example:

Jerry,Gfuz6115,10,USA,Baltimore Elementary, Jame,Cecd9685,10,USA,Baltimore Elementary, Anna,Xvpk2105,11,USA,Baltimore Elementary, Pierre,Xwuj5357,10,USA,Baltimore Elementary,

Mail CSV Student Registration to Kidlink


Parent Permission Slip Click here 

 Log in to create your School Page and Stundents Group pages for 2015 project here.

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