Kidlink Association
Established 2014/12/30



About this document

This document has four parts:

  1. 2014 Balance
  2. 2014 Income statement
  3. 2014 KA membership
  4. Planned balance 2015
  5. Screenshot from income Statement and Balance  for 2013 and 2014
  6. Auditors Review

The Board  has decided  to have three account books documented in three separate sheets:

  1. PAYPAL SEK sheet: documents the Paypal account wedish SEK  Krona transfers
  2. PAYPAL USD sheet:documents the Paypal account for USD Dollar transfers
  3. SEB sheet: documents hte Swedish Banc (SEB) account with  Swedish SEK Krona transfers

These  three sheets are found  in this Google document file:  
The accounting file is shared twith the board members and the auditor. 
The file may be shared to Ka members after email request to info (at) 

1. 2014 Balance (fig 4).

The FInancial documents (Balance and income statements are calculated with The exchange rate of 31/12 2013 is 1 USD = 6.2898 SEK (taken from To get more members during 2014 we made due discounts for new members. 9 new members became members with this dicount.

Year 2013 started with a total balance of 12552.54 SEK in the Paypal USD balance ,  with 234.75 SEK in the Paypal SEK balance, 234.75 SEK om yhr Paypal SEK balance  and 1301.32 SEK on the banc Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken SEK balance. The Paypal and SEB accounts are owned by Kidlink Association. The treasurer access to the Paypal account and the chairman accesses the SEB banc account and forward banc reports to the treasurer.

On Dec 31st 2013 the total balance ended with 16083.96 SEK in the in he Paypal USD balance, 0 SEK in the  Paypal SEK balance as

the SEK were transfered during the year to the SEB account. The SEB SEK balance ended with 1408.35 SEK.  

2. 2014 Income statement (fig 2)

The 2014 Income Statement shows a total net income (internal transfers, incomes - epenses) for -1678.48 SEK.

1212 SEK + 193.10 SEK were spent in bank costs (Paypal and SEB fees). 4361.59 SEK  were spent for our webhost account at
We did not have to pay taxes to the Swedish Tax authorities during 2014.


3. 2014 KA membership

In 2013, 25 people were registered as regular KA members. Members having paid ordinary dues for 2014 were: 

Joyce Fisher, Pia Avolio de Martino, David Donat, Stellan Kinberg, Odd de Presno, Terry Smith, Dan Wheeler, Andrea Francesco Simonetti, Laurie Williams, Esperanza Sepulveda, Eyglo Bjornsdottir, Hanne Wolff, Beverlyn Ferris, Bonnie Thurber, Larisa Tarasevic, Theresa Allen, Anne-Tove Westfossen, Graziella Seveso, Domenico Filippini, Liboria Pantaleo, 
New members during 2014 were:

Julia Karaban (Russia). Mary Thunhorst (USA), Jane Lowe (Australia), Govinda Prasad Panthy, Narayan Devkota, Santoshi Devkota, Jeeven Devkota, Sunita Devkota (all from Nepal).

4. 2015 Planned balance. 

In economic terms, the balance on Dec 31st 2014 is sufficient for Kidlink to run the server in 2015. We may get better member revenues during 2015 as new members who paid reduced dues for 2014  will have to pay the ordinary dues.

The planned balance is assuming a few more members in 2014. The 2014 Linode bill is paid monthly and bank costs set at a « high » level. This plan shows a positive balance at the end of 2014.

Bonnie Thurber
KA Board member and treasurer



Fig 1

Fig 1 Income Statement 2013

Fig 2 Income Statement 2014

Fig 3 Balance Report 2013


Fig 4 Balance Report 2014



Bonegardet 19,
41504 Göteborg, Sweden
Auditor's review
Balance 31/12 2014
original pdf file available in Google drive

1. I have reviewed the accounting sheet, Financial Statement and cash flow documentation of the KIDLINK ASSOCIATION as of December 31, 2014. The Financial Statement is the responsibility of  the administrative body of KIDLINK ASSOCIATION. My responsibility is to issue a report on the Financial Statement based on my review.

2. The review was conducted according to the statute of the association and to established principles for the audit. Pursuant to these principles, the review was planned and carried out in order to acquire all information necessary to verify with high but not absolute certainty, whether the financial statement is affected by significant errors, and if it appears as a whole, reliable. The review process includes the examination of evidence to support the balances and disclosures in the Financial statement, and evaluate the adequacy and accuracy of accounting policies used. I believe that the work provides a reasonable basis for the expression of my professional opinion.

3. The accounting sheet and Financial Statement are clearly written and represent a true and fair view of the financial position of the KIDLINK ASSOCIATION for the year ended December 31, 2014, according with the rules governing the financial statements.

4. Accounting is done for two bank accounts, one for Paypal in USD and one for an account in Swedish SEK. I have personally visited Paypal and SEB to review the account data and compared these with the data in the association account book. All movements are correctly documented in the account book.

5. The balance sheet shows a positive operating result of SEK 0.00 - USD 2557.15 (The Paypal Account) - SEK 1301.32 (The Swedish Banc SEB Account). Calculated on the exchange of 1 $ = 6.2898 SEK  December 31, 2014, the total assets were SEK 17385.28.
The total net income for 2014 shows however negative numbers, as can be seen below in the table, with SEK 1758.51.

I therefore recommend the KIDLINK ASSOCIATION members to grant discharge for the KIDLINK ASSOCIATION BOARD 2014 from any responsibility for the 2014 accountability.



Dott. Angelo Martinelli

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