Yahoo users can not get listserv emails

Dear Kidlinker

Kidlink uses Listserv to inform members about activities and changes in our system. We are sorry, but because of this, we must suggest Kidlink users to not use yahoo email with us. Read the email sent to us by Listserv.

Thank you for your collaboration.
Kidlink Association Board.


List Owner,
Last week, Yahoo significantly tightened up its SPAM filtering. As a result, if someone with an account is a subscriber on an email distribution system like Listserv, messages sent via the distribution system will be rejected by
In addition, if someone with an account sends a message to a distribution system like Listserv, it will cause bounces and auto-deletions of subscribers using other popular email services, such as,, and subscribers can still receive messages from the mailing lists but cannot actively participate in an email list discussion.
This is a Yahoo issue and is outside of our control. However, we wanted to make sure you were aware of it.
If you are a list owner, you will receive a notification each time a account or other popular e-mail service account is deleted from a list you own.
Unless changes their SPAM filtering, the best options for a subscriber to participate in an email list discussion is for the subscriber to use a different e-mail address.
To review the subscribers on lists that you own, send the following message to Listserv..  NOTE:  The subject line is blank.
Body:  REVIEW <listname> NOHEADER
You may want to contact subscribers individually, let them know of this issue, and see if they want to use a different address.
If you have any other questions, or concerns about the NDUS Listserv email distribution service, please send an e-mail message to
NDUS Listserv Email Distribution Service Administrator
NDUS (ND University System) Help Desk