Annual Meeting Notice

KA Annual Meeting Notice 2016

Please reply to tell you got this message. Thank you. 

The Annual meeting 2016 for the Kidlink Association will begin in our Kidlink Association group (!forum/kidlink-association) on 2016, February 1:st.

KA membership due payment 2016

The annual meeting is open for all Kidlink Association members who paid 2016 membership dues before the first of February 2016. For information about the fee payment, read the information in We kindly ask European members to pay the due to our Swedish banc account as we loose less money this way. All our emails are sent to To not alter the account book, the balance and the Financial Statement for the accounting year, we decided to not ask for due payments before 31/12. We hope you get opportunity to pay in January. Thank you. 

Board members leaving Board

  1. Ordinary member: David Donat on term until 2017 resigned December 13
  2. Ordinary member: Joyce,on term until 2017  resigns as ordinary member (not sure)


  3. Board member election 2016 proposal
8 Ordinary members:
  1. Endang Palupi elected by the Board to take over vacant chair in Dcemeber 2015, still on term until 2017
  2. Stellan until 2018 To be elected (read issue 11b)
  3. Bonnie Thurber until 2018 To be elected(read issue 11b)
  4. Domenico Filippini still on term until 2017
  5. Terry Smith still on term until 2017
  6. Pia  still on term until 2017
  7. Larisa Tarasevich still on term until 2018
  8. Julia Karaban (Russia). until 2018 To be elected
3 Deputy members:
  1. Joyce until 2017 To be elected
  2. Manoel Araujo Filho until 2017 To be elected
  3. A teacher from Turkey, Koray Kara,  very active in our projects, is suggested by the Board
Annual Meeting 2016 agenda.
  1. Call to order. (1 February)
  2. Registration of members participating in the meeting.
  3. Election of meeting chairman and secretary.
  4. Election of meeting minutes verifier and votes counter.
  5. Approval of meeting notice.
  6. Adoption of the meeting agenda. 
  7. The Board's Financial Statement, Annual Report 2015 and Annual Plan 2016.
  8. Auditors review of The Annual Report and Financial Statement.
  9. Approving of the previous Boards work. (= grant discharge to the Board)
  10. Establishing membership dues.
  11. Motions from the Board and the Members. (NB! These motions must be sent to before Saturday 16 January 2016.)
    1. AofA revision 2016
    2. Errors committed back in 2012 and 2015
  12. Election of three deputy members for one year terms. The board suggests Joyce,Manoel Araujo FIlho (error: should have been Julia Karaban) and Koray Kara  to take the chairs.
  13. Missing in the Notice: elevction of two ordinary members: Manoel and Endang with term 2018
  14. Election of one auditor for a one year term.
  15. Election of chairman Stellan Kinberg with term 2018
  16. Election of ordinary member Bonnie Thurber with term 2018
  17. Approval of Annual Meeting 2015 Minutes.
  18. Closing of the Annual Meeting. (Approximately in the beginning of March)

Aofa revision 2015. Wrong message should be as below

We need to make a revision of the Aofa. Please look at

Aofa revision 2016. 

We need to make a revision of the Aofa. Please look at 

Member motions before Saturday 16 January 2016

If you want to add motions to the agenda, you must present the motions to  before 16 January 2016. This will give the Board members time to review them and make suggestions for the Annual Meeting.


All documents related to the Annual Meeting 2014 are located at If you have any difficulty reading the documents, please contact asap.

Finally, on behalf of the Board, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2016!

Stellan Kinberg
Kidlink Association Chairman