AofA Revision 2014

AofA Revision 2014

Kidlink Association
Established 2011/12/30


Kidlink Association AofA are available at  The Kidlink Association Board suggests a revision of the Aofa according to the list of change proposals below. The alteration of the AofA has to be done according to Article 6 -  Amendments (*).

Change proposals for the Annual Meeting 2014.

  1. Article 15 - Committees.  We have never been able to create the committees listed in this article. Nor have there ever been written committee rules. The project has been run solely by the Board members. To be able to run the project, the number of Board members has therefore been extended to eight ordinary members and three deputy members. Even if the creation of committees with volunteers would be good for the project, we see no expectation for such committees to be created in a near future. There is no sense to keep aofa rules that can not be followed, at least not in a near future. We suggest therefore to remove article 15.
  2. Article 13 - The Board.  Except one year, the Board has not been able to get interested youth to participate as youth board members. We think that there is no sense to keep a rule in our AofA that can simply not be followed. We must continue our efforts to find kidhelpers but we do not see any need of Youth members in the Board now. The Board suggests therefore to remove the requirement of Youth members. This implies the following changes:
     - Article 13 - The Board. Removing the text "two youth representatives, "
    -  Article 11 - Member Meetings. Removing the text the election of the youth chairs "election of two student representative members for a one year term"
    - If article has not been removed. Article 15 - Committees. "This committee is lead by the Board Youth representatives." is substituted with "This committee is led by the Board"
  3. Article 13 - The Board.  "The activities of this association shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven members." The number "seven" is not correct. The correct number is "eight ordinary members and three deputy members" or if we remove the requirement of two youth representatives in proposal 2 "six ordinary members and three deputy members". See board main page at

(*) Article 6 - Amendments

"These by-laws may be altered, repealed or added to by an affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the members in a Annual Meeting. The by-laws text proposal must be circulated for discussion for at least thirty days before the meeting."