Norway - Lars Kristian (Bosse) Klykken

The Kidlink Wall of Fame

Lars Kristian Klykken (Bosse)

Oslo, Norway


Bosse joined Kidlink in 1991, as a student. His accomplishments in Kidlink have been numerous and include:
  • Created the Kidlink Search Engine which is available to all.  
  • Is a member of Kidlink's System Administration Team (since September, 2000).
  • Is a member of Kidlink's Technical Support Team (since November, 1999).
  • Was interviewed about Kidlink on Radio Oslofjord (Feburary, 1996).
  • Was part of the Kidcafe Moderator Team (1994-95).
  • Was a Youth helper for Kidlink IRC (1994-96).
  • Participated in the Kidlink Arendal Annual Celebration teams (1991-1996).
  • Was a Kids Coordinator (KHelper) at Moland Ungdomsskole, Arendal, Norway (1991-92).
  • Was a member of team working on a Kidlink Newspaper (1991).
  • Submitted his response to Kidlink's 4 questions at 15 years old (June 22, 1991).

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Odd de Presno
Kidlink Society Executive Director


Stellan Kinberg
Kidlink Association Chairman