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To show your interest to the project  itself, fill out the Application form  

enlightenedPlease first of all read the Project Rules



February  28 ! Registration deadline!

March 03: project begins!

This project is for any age group. It is also suitable for EFL students at the basic level

    Project Time Line:   

Project times may vary. Project timing will depend on the following: internet outages, holidays, sick days. You must communicate with paired teachers and coordinator  the  needs regarding the times  of your work . Use Forum to communicate

  STEP 1°

  • First teachers have to register theirselves and their students following the instructions at  Teacher Registration page. This will allow them to receive username and password to work in the project.
  • Teachers will introduce their groups/ schools or country by creating an introduction page under the Students works 2014   to promote a better  knowledge among the students.
  • STEP 2° 
  • Each student, must open his/her personal page starting from their School page. The title of this personal page will be:  Kidspace nickname. E.G. EmelieF
  • Teachers will receive an alert email with a link in order to activate their students'pages. 

​    STEP 3° 

  • During the activity the kids are invited to post comments in the their partners pages
  • Teachers will receive an alert email with a link in order to activate comments in their students page. enlightened See Project Rule

For every questions and doubts contact the coordinator

                         USEFUL LINKS

Project Summary

Projects Rules


Artworks Center - Working space for teachers and student

Progetto in Italiano

Project Coordinator:  Pia Avolio de Martino