Kidlink Project Rules

Background information

Kidlink projects are cooperative projects.  Please do not join a project if you are unable to contiue participating and communicating during the project.  When teachers do not participate, then the entire project is affected and is not as engaging and educational for the other teachers and students in the project.

During the project you should communicate regularly with your teacher partners and with the project coordinator in order to cooperate better, improve student's dialogue, monitor how the project is progressing, and be up to date with the coordinator's latest instructions.


Communication will take place as the project leader speciifies -  that may be Facebook groups, emails, Skype chat, etc.


About students'pages in Kidspace. (Kidspace is not used in all projects. Check with your project leader.)

If the teachers participating in a Kidspace project, do not activate their students pages and comments written on their pages, the dialogue dies. Not only, these youth learn that it has no sense to write comments in our pages, as they are not approved. 

the emails with which teachers are registered, 

For this reason it is necessary that the emails with which teachers are registered, are operational and always controlled. Keep checking your inbox to watch if there are new comments or new students page to activate. Teachers that do not approve youth comments, will therefore be reminded by email about unapproved comments and if they still do not approve comments, they will have their pages inactivated.

Please follow the rules below

If you want to participate in our projects we ask you therefore to follow the rules below.

The rules

  1. You must communicate regularly with your teacher partners and with the project coordinator

  2. Your email, registered in Kidlink must be operational

  3. You must check your mail inbox on a regular basis for project information and updates

  4. You must participate in the teacher dialog connected to the project

  5. You must check that your students know and follows Kidlink netiquette


  6. Only if you are using Kidspace and let your students write there.

    1. You must approve your own students Kidspace pages and updates.

    2. You must approve comments written on your students' pages

    3. Teachers placing student images on Kidspace must have permission from parents to do this.