Writing Board meeting minutes

At the end of this page is a copy of Minutes written by Bonnie.

It is important to know the purposes of the meeting minutes:

  1. The KA members must be able to read them. We send the minutes by email.
  2. The Swedish authority must be able to read them.
  3. The auditor must be able to review them.

The minutes must be 

  • short
  • easy to read
  • not reveal what the individual members think. Only if a members specifically request this, then the members name and opinion is revealed.

The minutes must contain

  • information about what is discussed or has been decided
  • short reports

How to do?

  1. Take a copy of the agenda
  2. Rename it as "KA-BOARD Minutes 20100711"
  3. Remove:
    1. colors
    3. questions made by the chairman
  4. Check that what the board 


  • standard phrases as "Agenda was unanimously accepted." or similar. Look at other similar phrases below.


Kidlink Association Board Meeting Minutes

On 11th of July, 2010, 16.30 GMT in Skype

Members in this meeting are:




Members non attending this meeting are:

christine.yannakas@gmail.com (Auditor)



Meeting Agenda


Call to Order – Opening


Election of meeting secretary


Bonnie Thurber has offered herself to be secretary today. Does the Board approve Bonnie being secretary for this meeting?


Bonnie was unanimously elected secretary.


Approval of meeting minutes


Approval postponed until Stellan has a chance to look at these minutes.

Minutes from the previous board meeting June, 2009, will also be postponed.


Acceptance of today's agenda (16.52 GMT)

The Agenda is as follows:

1. Call to order

2. Election of secretary

3. Approval of last meeting minutes

4. Acceptance of today's agenda


5. Decisions

a. Committee responsibilities

b. The Drupal Project

c. Minutes approved sooner

6. Committee reports

a. General issues

-Chairmans report

b. Treasurers Report

c. Project Committee

d. System Committee

e. Youth Committee

f. Registration Committee

7. Other issues -

8. Next meeting

9. Closing of the Meeting.


Agenda was unanimously accepted.





a. Committee responsibilities


The different committies, report to the members during the Board meetings in the Reports issue. Every committee has its own document, where reports are saved as a help for the next Annual meeting report. Other users than the Board members may be given writing access to the docs. Dialogs goes on in every doc in the discussion part at the end of the doc. Who is taking care of these docs? Lejla is supposed to take care of the Youth committee doc. S tellan is helping her with it.


Epi will take care of the registration doc.

Pia will take care of projets doc with Dom's help.

Bonnie will take care of funds docs with Stellan's help.

Stellan is chairman and helps all of us.

Lejla will take care of the Youth committee doc with Stellan's support.

Oscar is invited to make comments on all documents.


Committee responsibilities were unanimously accepted.


b. The Drupal System - a migration plan


Andrea Simonetti has done a great job to test and evaluate a http://www.drupal.org cms as a social network system for Kidlink. As you can read in the Google doc he created, he says that this cms "shows great promises" for Kidlink. Bonnie, Pia, Domenico and Stellan have worked a lot with http://kdrupal.simonetwork.net/drupal6 cms.


As Kidlink is running on an old version of Ubuntu (8.10) and the Kidspace database contains a lot of unused data, our migration plan includes a first cleanup of the Kidspace database and a upgrade of Ubuntu from version 8.10 to 10.04. This will be done in July 2010.


The steps that will follow are probably in this order:

- We continue developing Drupal on a separate virtual server

- When we feel ready, we copy the Drupal install to our Kidlink server to get Drupal CMS working together with Kidspace.

- When the Drupal CMS is mature to take over, we stop the login to Kidspace.

- Kidspace nodes will continue to be readable as long as we want without login (guest account)


Drupal project was unanimously accepted.


c. Minutes written and approved sooner


There is a long time lap between the Board meetings and when the members get information about our decisions and activities. I would like the minutes to be written sooner and very important, approved by the Board asap, so we can share the minutes with the members after eg 7 days instead of a month. With a good dialog in between the meetings and therefore a well prepared meeting, it should not be difficult to write the minutes and then get them approved. We have then just to officially confirm the minutes approval at the next meeting.


Minutes written and approved sooner was unanimously accepted.




All reports listed below were unanimously accepted.


a. General issues

- Chairmans report


b. Treasurers report


Stellan sent information to Paypal about Kidlink and how we use the Paypal account, as this was requested by Paypal. Paypal approved our use of the account.




Next meeting


Our next meeting will be On July 25 @ 17.00 GMT


Closing of the Meeting

These minutes are humbly submitted by Bonnie Thurber






I participated in the meeting and approve their minutes


I, Domenico Filippini, approve these minutes today 20100712 (just a note: there are duplicated texts in 6d and 6f.

I Stellan Kinberg approve the minutes. I changed the name of the file so it is similare to the other minutes.

I Pia Avolio de Martino approve these minutes

I Epi Sepulveda approve this minutes