"KidSpace" is a on-line content management system, that allows teachers and students to collaborate in global projects by providing a wide range of easy-to-use features and functions. "KidSpace" makes it easy for students and teachers to publish and share their global dialogue on the web by creating webpages which contain images, sounds, short animations, text, and videos. 

Kidspace was created by Bonnie Thurber, Bob Davis and Patti Weeg (USA). It was later on rewritten in php by Grace Basilio (Peru),. Now it is  maintained and developed further by Stellan Kinberg (KA Chairman, Sweden). 

You find Kidspace at It is created as a space for our students to publish their pages on. Look eg  at

What the teachers and students need to do in Kidspace

  1. Register to Kidspace
  2. The students login an create their own pages in Kidspace
  3. The student teachers must approve or reject their own students pages and comments on. They receive emails with instructions on how to do this. 
  4. The students visit partners pages and write meaningful comments on their pages.
  5. Student and teachers check comments added in their own pages and reply quickly.

How to manage Kidspace

You will find a lot of information in  But we always reccommend that you get in touch with the project moderator through one of teachers dialogs.