Our Kidlink site has now mainly two parts, that live under the same "roof".

1. The first part contains all students artworks, their pages and comments. We call this "Kidspace".

  You can easily identify to be in Kidspace by the orange color of the menu and by  "Kidspace" written in the banner. 


2. The second part, now called "Project Management" will contain all information for teachers and youth leaders, that is, project information, other valuable information as well as forums for the different projects. You are now reading a page in the "Project Management".

 In this area the menu is always blue and in the banner you can see "Management" written  in the banner




We had migrated almost all project information away from Kidspace. The layout from the two parts has been taken from the Drupal "Pixture reloaded" theme. This is just a first step, as we will sooner or later get our own Kidlink theme.

We hope you will feel comfortable with this basic setup and find it easy to navigate and work with. We are very thankful for any advice. But, before your send your wishes, please remember that we are not professional programmers. We do this work as volunteers. :)

If you have forgotten your password or username  click here

The help pages for the Kidspace are found clicking in the list here.