Draw a Story for Me - Summary

Draw a Story for Me is for children in all language areas, because it encourages many expressive ways to communicate across language barriers and to build bridges among the cultures. Artworks such as drawings, pictures, collages, sounds, etc. are welcome. 

Draw a Story for Me aims to help younger children as they begin the big game of global communication. Participating students will share drawings and images that tell the stories of their own every day life. As they interact with other students using art they will begin to recognize and celebrate their cultural diversity.



This project may involve participants at all age.  It is suitable for EFL students, for children in kindergarten and the first years of elementary school or for those students who have difficulties in learning.  
The complexity of the sharing and insights and works  may vary depending of the age, but the variety should enrich the experience for all.

Story Topics:

You can take part at any time and to anyone topic following only the needs of your students. You can also add new topics.


  • All About Me
  • - This is My Family
  • - These Are My Friends
  • - This is Where I live
  • - This is Where I play
  • - What I learn at school
  • - My favorite food
  • - My favorite animal
  • - My favorite book
  • - My favorite toy


Project Time Line:   

Project is always running, but an estimation of the needed times and the registration deadline can be useful for a better planning. This will allow each class will be able to have time to network and syncronize their times. Project times may vary. Project timing will depend on the following: internet outages, holidays, sick days. You must communicate with paired teachers and coordinator  the  needs regarding the times  of your work 


How to Join - Get started

Projects Rules


Artworks Center - Working space for teachers and student

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