The "Kidlink Project" is run by Kidlink Association. The purpose of the Association is "to promote a global dialogue among the youth of the world. The Association emphasizes electronic telecommunications, but also supports communications in other forms and media. The Association works to achieve its objectives through several educational projects belonging to the "The Kidlink Project". The projects are created and developed through an international collaboration of volunteers and are offered to schools, organizations and youth around the world for free." (Kidlink Association Articles of Association)

The Kidlink Project was born in 1990 thanks to the collaboration of a a group of teachers from different countries and based essentially on voluntary service. It is now hosted on a network with several sites and services, that allows teachers and students to collaborate in several projects by providing a wide range of easy-to-use features and functions. The main goal of Kidlink Project is helping children through the secondary school level, to be involved in a global dialog. The Kidlink Project is today runned by the Kidlink Association (KA) created in december 2008 in Göteborg, Sweden. Read the KA AofA.

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Why you should use the Kidlink Project

The Kidlink Project promotes dialogue, exchange and collaboration among the youth, using computer and multimedia technologies  through its projects and activities. It removes those cultural barriers due to the distance between countries. It aims at the diffusion of a culture of sharing and participating. It helps teachers to organize and carry out projects. It increases contacts and promotes a continuous up-dating for teachers.

  • Our services are completely free of charge!
  • All our services are moderated by humans, teachers and volunteers following rules and netiquette
  • We offer online support to te achers 24-24 on Skype and Facebook Forums
  • Adults, other than moderators are not allowed to contact our youth nor read about the students.
  • Easy-to-use tools for posting and communication between teachers and students.
  • Our volunteers are either teachers or experts in the use of ITC in didactics
  • Our projects can be developed in various languages
  • We offer opportunity to participate in a wide range of multilingual projects


Learning with Kidlink Projects

Kidlink encourages global learning engaging and connecting students in projects that are educationally beneficial, which promote responsible and caring citizens in the world.
Enables students to become involved with academic content while being part of a social, knowledge sharing community. Deeper learning happens because topics are real and matter to the students.
 "Charles Town Middle School participated in a math unit solving problems and interpreting graphs,
data and statistics with math classes in Russia, Italy and Illinois through Kidlink."
(The Journal December 2: Program  encourages kids'global learning)

Projects for the classroom

Kidlink has projects created for the classroom. These projects allow collaboration with classrooms speaking English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Catalan, Chinese and other languages. The language itself is not a barrier to collaboration.

Look e.g. at WAI project. Your registered students can create their pages, they can connect and work together . They can read their profiles in "Tools" and get new friends.


enlightenedConsider the opportunity to involve your class in one of our projects or suggest a new one for all of us!enlightened


Click here to get a list of Kidlink projects.

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