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CLUES Primary B week 2
(23B) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Team McArtor) Liberty, MO
1. Northern Hemisphere
2. Don’t mind my dent
3. I’ve made appearances in many movies.
4. I am seamless.
5. Revealed in 2006
6. Has a nickname
(24B) Antona Ingolica(Team Alpaca)Pragersko,SLOVENIA
1. It's made of concrete.
2. It's in the Northen Hemisphere.
3. It had many names in the past, but now it's known by two names.
4. One of its names is similar to one craft's name.
5. The famous song from this country was written about it.
6. It's 27 metres long.
(25B) Eugene Field School (Huseman-Ebbert) Hannibal, MO
1. One is famous.
2. About 750,000 visitors each year.
3. I opened in 1972, in my current location.
4. My purpose is different.
5. Technology saved the famous one. 
6. Between 80 and 90 degrees West.
(26B) Full Circle Classrooms (Tie Fighters) Byfield, MA
1. Mac n Cheese Brand has something in common with this landmark
2. Latitude = 42 Degrees North
3. Located in Northeast Region of United States
4. Building Cost: $325 million
5. Construction started March of 2000
6. It opened in 2002
(27B) Gymnasium #1 (Optimists) Kalachinsk, Omsk, Russia
1. It is in the city with forty districts.
2. It shares the same hemisphere with Everest. 
3. 0.5 billion euro.
4. 24.000 tons of steel. 
5. It was in the film of 2011.        
6. The same latitude as Kursk. 
(28B) Innovations STEM Academy (Name Goes Here) Sparta,WI  
1. Trinity
2. Over looks water
3. 60 meter path
4. Several main sectors
5. 196 meters above water
6. There are wild goats.
(29B) Kalachinsk Grammar School #1 (Funny Kids) Kalachinsk, Russia 
1. More than 100 meters high.
2. It shares the hemisphere with Paris.
3. 39 degrees
4. It was built in the year Miguel Induráin won Tours de France.
5. More than $1 billion.
6. A ray of light. 
(30B) Kalachinsk Middle School (Erudites) Kalachinsk, Russia
1. In sixteenth century Portugal owned it.
2. Close to Equator.
3. Looks like a mirror.
4. The same hemisphere as Australia.
5. A lot of water.
6. Star light.
(31B) Lyceum 1 (Team Space) Kansk, Krasnoyarskiy kray,Russia
1. 1632 - 1653
2. Near the river
3. Changing colours
4. It is forbidden to fly planes over it.
5. It seems to grow bigger as you walk away.
6. Around 12,000 visitors come to see it every day.
(32B) Mariinskaya School for Girls (Mariinki) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
1. The landmark is located in the Eastern hemisphere
2. It is situated in Eurasia
3. The length of the landmark is 571 km.
4. This landmark takes place between Bashkortostan and Tatarstan
5. It is mentioned in the work of Aksakov
6. If you walk from the right side to the left side, you’ll return to the past
(33B) Naches Valley Middle School (The A-Team) Naches, WA
1. Made out of a hard natural resources.
2. There are many of us, over 50.
3. Made over 5,000 years ago.
4. We can be located in the Northern Hemisphere
5. Most of us are Historic National Monuments.
6. Built to assist the departed in their “passage”.
(34B) Pakenham Lakeside Primary (Legends) Victoria, Australia
1. It is located in the same hemisphere as the Stone Hedge
2. Its latitude is between 40°-50° North
3. It was made in the year Tupac Shakur was born
4. It covers an area roughly equal to that of an American football field
5. Over 50,000 people have visited this landmark
6. It is located in the middle of nowhere
(35B) Pakenham Lakeside Primary (Phoenix) Victoria, Australia
1. 17 points in my centre
2. It changed the waves and temperature
3. Started development the same year as the Leaning tower of Pisa was reopened to the public
4. the safest place on earth
5. I am disconnected
6. It is located between 22 degrees - 26 degrees North
(36B) Pope Francis Global Academy (Fortini's FabulousFourths) Chicago, IL
1. This landmark was built for a World’s Fair.
2. The landmark is decorated according to the season or sporting event.
3. The landmark is part of a pair.
4. 1.55 million people visit this landmark each year.
5. The landmark stands guard in front of a famous institute.
6. The landmark is 261.7 x 114.2 x 287 cm.
(37B) Pope Francis Global Academy (Raiders,Flames & Saints Oh My)Chicago, IL
1. Believers think that this site has paranormal or extraterrestrial origins
2. Contains medium to very fine sandstones and mudstones
3. No one knows if it is manmade or naturally occurring
4. Dates back at least 5,000 years
5. Contains at least one totem
6. A section of the landmark resembles a human face
(38B) Pope Francis Global Academy (Team Feeley) Chicago, IL
1. The landmark is a multi-sport facility.
2. There are over 40,000 seats in this facility.
3. The facility is built on seminary grounds.
4. The landmark is walking distance away from a famous lake.
5. You can find this landmark between 80 and 90 degrees west longitude.
6. The landmark is 103 years old.
(39B) Pope Francis Global Academy (Team Powers) Chicago, IL
1. Completion date of this landmark was 1869.
2. This landmark is near a lake.
3. This landmark is made of limestone.
4. This landmark was designed by one of the most creative architects of the mid-nineteenth century.
5. This landmark survived the destructive path of a fire.
6. This landmark is 154 ft. tall
(40B)School #2 (DUDIS) Nefteyugansk, Russia
1. It is a dominant height in Southern Russia.
2. It is a memorial.
3. All year round you can see people coming here to honor the memory of Soviet soldiers. 
4. At the top of it is the main monument, the statue is 52 metres high.
5. The Statue is considered to be the one of the Wonders of the World.
6. “The Square of Sorrow” is the part of the Memorial.
(41B) School #121 (Globetrotters) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
1. It is situated in Northern Hemisphere.
2. This is a popular tourist attraction.
3. There is a lake in this place.
4. There is a crystal castle in this place.
5. People knew about this landmark 1000 years ago
6. The landmark is situated 4 km from the city with the population of about 4,5 million people.
(42B) Secondary School #92 (Young Tigers) Krasnoyarsk,Russia
1. I reflect the world in myself.
2. 50-60 degrees.
3. 1779 is not the year.
4. I am partly in the region where there will be a great sport event in 2019.
5. The unique place on the Earth which is in the list of UNESCO gives me life and power.
6. the XIII century
(43B) Silas Willard Elem (Wandering Wildcats) Galesburg, IL   
1. It is located in the southern hemisphere.
2. This ruins of this ancient place show that the people who lived there used irrigation when farming.
3. If you visit this landmark you will find that most people in the area now speak Spanish.
4. Earthquakes are very common in this area--the landmark was built on top of two fault lines!
5. It was built around the year 1450 CE.
6. The citadel is at nearly 8,000 feet above sea level.
(44B) Toorloo Arm Primary (Amazing Earth) Victoria, Australia
1.  Camping, bushwalking, picnicking and photography are popular activities at this site.
2.  You can look down but do not jump in as it has a fateful drop.
3.  The city of Jilin is almost on the same latitude as this site.
4.  The headland on which the site is found was named by Captain James Cook on a Saint's day on 7 March, 1778.
5.  The site looks at times like a drainpipe and at others it resembles a whale's spout.
6.  The site is in the most populated hemisphere.
(45B) Vangashskaya Secondary School#8 (Gold-miners) Vangash, Severo-Yenisseisky district, Krasnoyarsky krai, Russia 
1. It is the biggest of its kind in Russia and 2d biggest in the world.
2. It is one of the symbols of Russia.
3. It was made in the XVIII century.
4. It was never used according to its intended purpose.
5. There was a communication center of Kremlin regiment in this landmark in 1941.
6. The weight of its piece is 11.5 tons.
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