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Group A


Primary A week 2 Clues
(1A) Abanschool 3 (Team Kazakova) Aban, Russia
1. 342, 873 hectares
2. the Bird, Camel, , Little Elephant live there
3. no other lands can something similar be found.
4. eco-attraction, April 2005
5. stone fingers point skywards
6. about 45-65 degrees N 
(2A) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Team Graham) Liberty, MO
1. Northern Hemisphere
2. Park Ave
3. Delicious eats
4. Setting for a book series.
5. Change of purpose in 1933
6. Includes a first of its kind on the pacific coast.
(3A) Eugene Field School (Team Oleksy) Hannibal, MO
1. It is in the same Hemisphere as Russia.
2. 15 degrees 
3. 10 million gallons
4. Tragic death in 2007
5. Many people go there to look at the animals 
6. Honeymooners
(4A) Gymnasium #1 (Great 8) Kalachinsk, Omsk Russia
1. The inhabitants of this place have something in common the spiders. 
2. Black water.
3. It was discovered the same year as the first street railway appeared in Boston.
4. This landmark was under water for a long time.
5. Starry sky.
6. The hungrier, the brighter.
(5A) Gymnasium #12 (Cool Friends) Belgorod, Russia 
1. Not so big in size:only 20 meters (66ft) length and 10 meters (33ft) width.
2. It used to be a restaurant, a reading club. 
3. Now it's a touristic place. It's one of the most popular visitors' attractions in the area.
4. This landmark has an observation platform which encircles the building.
5. It was built in 1912.
6. In 1927 it had a serious earthquake but it was not damaged.
(6A) Gymnazium dr.A. Hrdlicky (Prima) The Czech Republic 
1. Manmade.
2. The longest of its kind.
3. The northern and eastern hemisphere.
4. I have been registered in the Guinness World Record.
5. People using my service can watch a typical plant growing in my country.
6. People using my service can watch one of the biggest rivers flowing.
(7A) Kalachinsk Grammar School#1 (Siberian 7) Kalachinsk,Russia
1. Eduard III became the king of England 100 years before our landmark was built. 
2. It is in the same hemisphere with Cape town. 
3. Orchids.
4. People didn’t live there for hundred years.
5. It was among UNESCO World Hermitage Sites.
6. This landmark’s country borders with 3 countries. 
(8A) Kalachinsk Middle School (Team Navi) Kalachinsk, Russia
1. The same hemisphere as Wellington
2. Sand and Stones
3. Several namesakes all over the world
4. Geometric bodies
5. More than 200 sq miles
6. Dinosaurs
(9A) Krasnodar School #95 (Skillful English Learners) Krasnodor, Russia
1. I participated in the World war II
2. One legend gives the landmark this name.
3. This landmark is in the northern hemisphere.
4. You can watch many plants, birds, animals and tourists.
5. This landmark has got karst and glacial- karst lakes.
6. Once upon a time (66 million years ago)there was literally the Tethys ocean and grew prehistoric corals.
(10A) Manor Hill Elementary (Team Patriots) Liberty, MO
1. Our landmark was built towards the end of the 14th century.
2. Our landmark has been burned down several times but it has been rebuilt.
3. It is covered in gold.
4. Our landmark is located in the same hemisphere as the tallest building in the world.
5. It is a religious building.
6. Our landmark is surrounded by a garden and pond.
(11A) Mariinskaya School for Girls (Big Bang) Krasnoyarsk, Russia 
1. The police guard this attraction every night.
2. It had 8 acts of vandalism.
3. It is made of bronze.
4. People from all over the world bring it flowers.
5. It was moved once and then it was put in the same place.
6. It weighs 175 kg.
(12A) Mariinskaya School for Girls (Pugs) Krasnoyarsk, Russia  
1. It is protected by a nonprofit organization.
2. Nine sponsors helped with building this landmark.
3. It is situated on the hilltop.
4. It was built in the 20th century.
5. Its height is about 12 meters.
6. It is made of steel.
(13A) Municipal Sec School #5 (Historical Duet) Krasnoyarsk,Russia
1. This place is associated with rebels
2. Varusschlacht
3. September is an important month for this place
4. The same hemisphere as Russia 
5. Between 7-9 degrees E
6. In 2009 was celebrated the anniversary associated with this place
(14A) Municipal Sec School #5 (Puzzle Lovers) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
1. About 46 degrees N and 13 degrees E.
2. All year round the temperature is around 10 C.
3. Tourist attraction for about 200 years.
4. Baby dragons spur the imagination (human fish- protheus, olm - salamander).
5. Electric lighting appeared even earlier than in the capital. 
6. First pushed by people, since the beginning of the 20th century- locomotives driven. 
(15A) Naches valley Middle School (Team Corliss) Naches,WA
1. My name is part horse part snake
2. I am the first and the first to be seen
3. I am famous for my twists and turns
4. I am viewed by individuals from around the world
5. I support peace not violence
6. I now have numerous replicas
(16A) Northwest Middle School (Team Manzella)Reading, PA 
1. It is located in the Northern Hemisphere.
2. Some say It was copied from Nagoya.
3. It is red.
4. It is 22 m high.
5. It is located between 60-90  W. longitude.
6. It lights up at night.
(17A) Oakwood Elementary (Ellis' Islanders) Hannibal, MO 
**Note this email address was incorrect in week 1 - corrected now to
1. The best time to see our landmark is during the spring and the fall.
2. A former First Lady of the United States visited our landmark and was amazed by its beauty.
3. The average height of our landmark is 6400.8 cm. high.
4. Our landmark was first discovered by an explorer in 1541.
5. There are about 2,000 species living in the area around on landmark.
6. Our landmark’s longitude is between 30 – 60 degrees west.
(18A) Pope Francis Global Academy (Seal Cat Madness)Chicago, IL
1. On the mountain range of the stars
2. Produces hydraulic energy. 
3. Located on the opposite of the southeast hemisphere.
4. I was made in the 1950's.  
5. I am 1500 meters in the ground. 
6. My latitude is less than 50, but greater than 20.  My longitude is the amount of Catholic Sacraments. 
(19A) Pakenham Lakeside Primary (Warriors) Victoria, Australia
1. Historic landmark longitude 49 degrees 56min 4sec West
2. It is in the same hemisphere as Cape Town
3. It is a manmade structure
4. Humongous yet unseen
5. It was considered to be a marvel of engineering
6. It was built in Belfast
(20A)Pope Francis Global Academy (Hamer’s Wolfpack) Chicago,IL
1. Located in a desert
2. Over 500 million years ago it was under an ocean
3. Located in the northern hemisphere
4. Covers almost 200,000 acres of land
5. Between 30-40 degrees North
6. Visited by more than 2 million people each year
(21A) Pope Francis Global Academy (Skyou) Chicago,IL 
1. Between 35 and 45 degrees north 
2. Construction was started February 2004 
3. In the northern hemisphere
4. The artist was born in India, but is British 
5. Made in California, then later assembled in its current location
6. This monument measures 66 by 42 feet 
(22A)Toorloo Arm Primary(Team Awesome)Victoria Australia
1. It is in the southern hemisphere
2. Our landmark is 7970 feet above sea level
3. It was rediscovered in 1911
4. In 2007 it became one of the seven wonders of the world
5. Its name means, 'Old Mountain"
6. Our landmark is located in a tropical mountain forest in the East Andes
End Primary A week 2 list