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Challenge Clues Week 2
(1) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Team Lindsey) Liberty, MO
1. Not fully discovered
2. Lower levels
3. Don’t drink the water! 
4. Weapons included
5. Hundreds of Thousands of people helped to craft the landmark.
6. Individually unique 
(2) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Team Masker) Liberty, MO
1. Once a legend found to be a reality.
2. No one thought to seek me.
3. 8th and 21st century ties 
4. Excavation of hieroglyphic artifacts
5. Religious findings of deities that reigned from above
6. Trade was important for the foundation of their economy. 
(3) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Team Porter) Liberty, MO
1. There was a plan for destruction.
2. Halted twice
3. Area has military ties 
4. Mysterious original creator
5. White marble
6. One shy of an octave. 
(4) Andrew Lewis Middle School (ALMS#1) Salem, Virginia
1. It is really tall
2. There may be a duplicate somewhere.
3. It was built 300+ years ago.
4. It is a place of worship.
5. It has been open for a long time.
6. Some groups didn’t like it.
(5) Andrew Lewis Middle School (ALMS#2) Salem, Virginia
1. It is managed by family.
2. It was built in the 20th century.
3. It has many festivals.
4. It is a museum.
5. It has an Instagram page.
6. It is shiny.
(6) Andrew Lewis Middle School (ALMS#3) Salem, Virginia
1. It is tall and heavy.
2. It is highly unusual.
4. There are multiples.
5. It is in an area of stone.
6. It is over 60 tons.
(7) Andrew Lewis Middle School (ALMS#4) Salem, Virginia
1. Statues are located here.
2. It is a place of worship.
3. It is located in a warm place.
4. It is surrounded by forests.
5. It is over 100 feet tall.
6. It is near a ditch.
(8) Barneveld School (Team Cheesecake) Barneveld, Wisconsin USA
1. Many enter, but not all come out
2. March is the most dangerous month
3. It’s a sea, but there is no water
4. Restless and angry spirits roam throughout.
5. It lies on lava beneath a dormant volcano
6. Lost? Phones don’t work, and GPS’s go crazy
(9) Barneveld School(Team Beagles) Barneveld, Wisconsin USA
1. You get there by riding a gondola 
2. It is based on a legend
3. Once inhabited by a hermit
4. Many eyes upon you
5. You wouldn’t want to go there at night
6. It all started when a child died
(10) Gymnasium #1 (Dream Team) Kalachinsk, Omsk region, Russia
1. Between 30 and 50 degrees N.
2. 8 floors.
3. It was discovered in the second half of the 20th century.
4. 15 degrees ?.
5. A Chamber of Secret.
6. It was shown in ‘Ancient Aliens’.
(11) Gymnasium #1 (Sharks) Kalachinsk, Russia
1. In 1600
2. Marquis
3. Legend about  grass
4. Riario Palace
5. Alchemist
6. 41.89
(12) Gymnasium #1 (Arrows) Kalachinsk, Russia 
1. the Northern hemisphere
2. founded in the 12th century.
3. Every spring festival of arts.
4. Originally used as a lighthouse.
5. It's made of stone.
6. Currently - museum.
(13) Herget Middle School (Herget Huskies 7) Aurora, IL
1. About 29 dozen people visit this landmark each year.
2. This landmark is about 2000 miles from the “Land of Lincoln”
3. It isn’t used anymore for it’s original purpose.
4. 1962 is an important year.
5. Up to 28 dozen people could reside here.
6. This place where it is located is a total of 22 acres.
(14) Herget Middle School (Herget Huskies 8) Aurora, IL
1. The difference between the first draft’s and final product’s height is 98.26666 etc. dozen centimeters.
2. It is typically thought of as an outcast when compared to the rest of the group.
3. This landmark weighs in at 423 base 7 + 1a8 base 13 tons.
4. Known as a gesture of good luck
5. Thousands of people visit every year
6. Took 17,227,471.77 South African rand to make
(15) Gymnazium dr. A. Hrdlicky (Team 1A) The Czech Republic 
1. I belong to the oldest of my kind.
2. The representatives of three states can meet at me.
3. Water and wind contributed to my creating.
4. A man has humbled me as the first of the group of mates.
5. Every day I am sprinkled by rain.
6. I became an inspiration for A.C. Doyle when writing his stories.
(16) Gymnazium dr. A. Hrdlicky (Kvarta) The Czech Republic 
1. Year 2000 was important to me.
2. Nowadays we can talk to each other in Spanish.
3. I am situated in the state with rasta colours in its flag.
4. I am consisted of four parts.
5. My birth and my history haven´t been explained yet.
6. The golden stick helped to create me.
(17) Gymnazium dr. A. Hrdlicky (Tercie) The Czech Republic 
1. Manmade.
2. I am situated in a state where summer olympic games were held.
3. The Guinness World Record.
4. In 2009 I became attractive.
5. Water and lights have brought me fame.
6. Much more people watch me in the evening and during the night.
(18) Krasnodar School #95 (FR13NDS) Krasnodar, Russia
1. It’s a place for meetings.
2. I’m not alone, there is a man near here.
3. There are lights in each half of this landmark.
4. The two parts are fixed in the sky, but down to each other.
5. The Stone belt.
6. The Northern hemisphere.
(19) Municipal Secondary School #5 (Readers) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
1. Occupies a second position after the famous bridge
2. When you enter there, you see posters
3. Compasses go wrong here because of extensive iron deposits
4. The same hemisphere as Russia and about 140 degrees E
5. A film was shot here in 2015 
6. Lots of books are associated with this place
(20) Municipal Secondary School #5 (Full of Beans) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
1. A UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches along the western coast
2. Around 20 degrees S and 40 degrees E
3. A renowned cartoon about the region released in May, 2005 
4. Badlands 
5. Limestone and deciduous forests
6. Encounter babakoto or aye-aye 
(21) Municipal Sec School #5 (Nutcrackers) Krasnoyarsk
1. It is located in the Eastern Hemisphere about 60 degrees N.2.It was used for other purposes through the 4th century after the construction.
3. The landmark had 4 titles during its existence. One of them is similar to the name of the island.
4. It was in possession of another state for 90 years.
5. It is a museum now.
6. The inhabitants were forbidden to talk.
(22) Municipal Secondary School #121 (Siberians) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
1. This landmark is situated near the South China Sea.
2. It was created by the famous politician's daughter. 
3. It was founded in 1990.
4. There is a familiar place in the other country.
5. The locals do not like this place.
6. This place attracts a lot of tourists.
(23) Phoenix School (PhoenixKids) Salem, MA 
1. Took almost a century to build
2. Affected by pollution
3. Biggest of its kind
4. It was made in hopes of calming water
5. It was built behind a river
6. Comes in many forms
(24) Pope Francis Global Academy (Team Pascal) Chicago, IL
1. Its architectural structure style is Romanesque Revival
2. It was built in a secluded place
3. Thousands of visitors visit it daily during the summer
4. It’s north of the equator
5. The Elevation is 800m
6. The throne is surrounded by paintings of Jesus and the twelve apostles
(25) Pope Francis Global Academy (Reaven7) Chicago, IL 
1. Opened in 1948
2. Has been owned by same family since its inception.
3. Underwent a makeover in 1999
4. Founder/owner opened this landmark after returning from service in World War II as a way to pay for college.
5. Owners started a petition that ultimately led to an emoji being developed resembling its namesake product.
6. Upon opening, the most common product consumed at this landmark cost 32 cents.
(26) Pope Francis Global Academy (Reaven8) Chicago, IL
1. Built in 1970
2. On a clear day, one can see four states from the top of this landmark
3. Cost $100 million to build
4. Over 1,600 steps to walk from bottom of this landmark to the top
5. Contains 11,452 windows
6. Contains 710 automobile parking spaces
(27)School #2 (Sunrise) Nefteugask microregion, Russia
1. It is situated in Siberia.
2. It is founded in 20th century
3. It is protected by the government.
4. It is 225562 hectares.
5. There are 44 lakes in it.
6. There are 4 rare kinds of water creatures in the lakes.
(28) School #18 (Eagles) Achinsk, Russia 
1. Turtle shells
2. Used by pirates
3. Eastern Hemisphere
4. Granite and coral
5. British Colony
6. The garden of Eden
(29) School #18 (Falcons) Achinsk, Russia 
1. Nostalgia for homeland
2. A system of water supply
3. A monument to Love
4. Grand Palace
5. Strong drought
6. King’s wife
(30) Schuylkill Valley Middle School (Panthers) Leesport, PA
1. My country was fought for by France and the United Kingdom.
2. I have a tropical climate.
3. I have multiple names.
4. I am located in the Eastern Hemisphere.
5. My country became independent from the United Kingdom.
6. People come to me to worship Durga.
(31) Secondary School #1 (Genesis) Krasnoyarskii krai, Russia 
1. The nature wonder is composed of skeletal fragments of marine organisms.
2. This landmark is a popular tourist attraction and the second symbol of the country.
3. The rocks are located in a marine National Park.
4. The attraction was renamed approximately in 1922.
5. These pillars are up to 50 metres high.
6. The stacks resemble one another.
(32) Secondary School #2 (World Explorers) Nizhegorodsky, Russia  
1. 500 thousand people a year
2. Rebuilt 4 times
3. French architect
4. White, green and yellow marble
5. One of the highest buildings with domes in the world
6. 1986 postage stamp
(33) Secondary School #207 (8Z Researchers) Novosibirsk, Russia
1. This place is located in the cultural capital of Russia.
2. It symbolizes the victory of Russia over Sweden.
3. By its dimensions and abundance of water, by the wealth of its architectural decor, by the graphic variety of its water-jets, and by the compositional unity and expressiveness of all its elements, this  beautiful monument of Baroque art, ranks as one of the best among the most famous  ones all over the world.
4. It was built during Elisabeth's reign and dedicated to the Battle of Poltava. 
5. It comprises 64 different fountains, and over 200 bronze statues, bas-reliefs, and other decorations.
6. It has a unique fountain system that requires no pumps. Water for the fountains is supplied by a gravity-fed water system, twenty-two kilometers long, skillfully designed to exploit the natural slope of the terrain.
(34) Wood River Middle School (WRMS7) Hailey, Idaho
1. 135
2. My lady stands on top
3. Fifth dedicated to God
4. 6 centuries in the making
5. Never really complete
6. 1386
(35) Wood River Middle School (WRMS8) Hailey, Idaho
1. Grasslands surround
2. A small European Town
3. In the nineties it was found
4. Older than the pyramids and things
5. Thousands of tourists it brings
6. 250 rings
(36) Wyomissing Junior High (Wyold Harmoo)Wyomissing, PA 
1.Younger than its appearance
2. Just south of a place named after women
3. Built to protect what it interrupts
4. One awarded person is responsible for 95.4% of the physical landmark
5. A license is needed to experience it fully.
6. In the opposite hemisphere as the world’s largest cemetery
End of Challenge clues week 2