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2017 Challenge Players Are Listed Below


1. Remember, please send QUESTIONS ONLY, Not guesses. All guesses are made at the end of the project.
2. One email per week may be sent to each team. 

3. Your question must be one that can be answered with a YES or NO.  
4. Always identify your school team, when sending questions OR answering questions.  We have a lot of teams, so avoid confusion and keep the Games fun by being very clear in your communications.   


[The Subject line of your e-mail should identify yourself and your intended team. ]

Subject: Week 1 - To Team Kvarta from the Fluffy Turtles

Dear Team Kvarta,
Here is our Week One question -

Does your landmark have anything to do with a general from Prague?
Please answer us as fast as you can!


Fluffy Turtles
Jason, Erica, Molly, Dan

      Landmark Challenge Teams

Teams officially signed up for 2017

(1) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Team Lindsey) Liberty, MO
(2) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Team Masker) Liberty, MO
(3) Alexander Doniphan Elementary (Team Porter)Liberty,MO
(4) Andrew Lewis Middle School (ALMS#1) Salem, VA
(5) Andrew Lewis Middle School (ALMS#2) Salem, VA
(6) Andrew Lewis Middle School (ALMS#3) Salem, VV
(7) Andrew Lewis Middle School (ALMS#4) Salem, VA
(8) Barneveld School (Team Cheesecake) Barneveld,WI
(9) Barneveld School(Team Beagles) Barneveld,WI USA
(10) Gymnasium #1 (Dream Team) Kalachinsk,Omsk, Russia
(11) Gymnasium #1 (Sharks) Kalachinsk, Russia
(12) Gymnasium #1 (Arrows) Kalachinsk, Russia 
(13) Herget Middle School (Herget Huskies7) Aurora,IL
(14) Herget Middle School (Herget Huskies8) Aurora,IL
(15) Gymnazium dr.A. Hrdlicky (Team 1A) The Czech Republic 
(16) Gymnazium dr.A. Hrdlicky (Kvarta) The Czech Republic 
(17) Gymnazium dr.A. Hrdlicky (Tercie) The Czech Republic 
(18) Krasnodar School#95 (FR13NDS) Krasnodar,Russia
(19) Municipal Sec School#5 (Readers) Krasnoyarsk,Russia
(20) Municipal Sec School#5 (Full of Beans) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
(21) Municipal Sec School#5 (Nutcrackers) Krasnoyarsk
(22) Municipal Sec Sch#121 (Siberians) Krasnoyarsk
(23) Phoenix School (PhoenixKids) Salem, MA 
(24) Pope Francis Global Academy (Team Pascal) Chicago,IL
(25) Pope Francis Global Academy (Reaven7) Chicago,IL 
(26) Pope Francis Global Academy (Reaven8) Chicago,IL
(27) School#2 (Sunrise) Nefteugask microregion, Russia
(28) School #18 (Eagles) Achinsk, Russia
(29) School #18 (Falcons) Achinsk, Russia 
(30 ) Schuylkill Valley MS (Panthers) Leesport,PA
(31) Secondary School #1 (Genesis) Krasnoyarskii krai, Russia 
(32) Secondary School #2 (World Explorers)Nizhegorodsky, Russia  
(33) Secondary School #207 (8Z Researchers)Novosibirsk, Russia
(34) Wood River Middle School (WRMS 7) Hailey,Idaho
(35) Wood River Middle School (WRMS 8) Hailey,Idaho
(36) Wyomissing Junior High (Wyold Harmoo)Wyomissing, PA  
End of Challenge Teams 2017