This is not a nonsense page. Please read it. It will take maybe 10-20 minutes to read. But these minutes will save us all, hours of work. Following this, we will avoid to redo works done. If you have considerations, suggestions, experiences you think are useful, share them as a comment below and we will update this page accordingly.

Thank you for your collaboration.



This is how the project pages are organized in our site.



Text editor 
Use Full HTML to get all buttons, eg the link button.

Comment settings

Keep it open on the main project page but close on the child pages.

Publishing options

Here you choose to "Published" when it is ready to be published.



We are now moving all project information from Kidspace to the Project Management site (with the Drupal CMS). Pia moved a few projects and we have therefore some good examples on how this can be done. The migration can be done in 5 steps. For every step there are some instructions that we hope will help you.

  1. Add child pages in "Project Center"
    1. ​Login "Project Management" at
    2. At the bottom of the "Project center" page click on "Add child page".
    3. You will later create child pages from the main project page for every information page needed.
  2. Moving the project information content Kidspace to Project Management (Drupal)
    1. Navigate to the project information page you want to migrate.

    2. Copy the texts without any font, size and color information.
      Do this in two steps: 

      1. Copy and paste the text to Notepad (run Notepad) or a Tomboy Note. This will remove all hidden code in the text.

      2. Then copy and paste again from that editor to  the Drupal CMS editor. 
        To work faster use these key combinations: CTRL-A (mark all the text if you are in the editor), CTRL C (copy) and CTRL-V (paste).

    3. Edit the text as you want but please keep the layout simple for now. We may want to have similar text layouts throughout all our Project information pages.

    4. Insert the images with the Drupal editor image button.
      You can do it in three ways: 

      1. Enter the URL of the image in Kidspace.

      2. Get images from the server. Look eg in the Gallery.

      3. Upload from your computer. Provide to put the images in the correspondant project directory.

  3. Write information in the Kidspace nodes about where the content has been moved
    Do NOT disactivate Kidspace pages. Google may have links to that page. Remove instead the original text and put in a short text like "The content of this page can now be found at this link:". Look eg at

  4. Edit the main student work page (Kidspace)
    Look eg at In this page you find information on how to find the students works and dialog.

    1. Tell the users how they can find the student works. 
      In the page, write a line like "Click on the scroll menu above to find our student works". Or do a more ambitious work like Pia did in with links in the right colum.

    2. Tell the user how they can find information about the project.
      Look at the information links in

  5. Update the links in the two project lists

    1. Go to the project list in   and put a link to the main student work page. Look at the "Draw me... " link that takes you to

    2. Project management. Edit the project list in and put in a link to the information page for the project you are migrating. Look eg at the link to "Draw me..." at