Where are we with D/D Project?

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Where are we with D/D Project?
Charles Town Middle

Elena and I have been intouch I hope to speak with Nadyezhda soon. We at Charles Town are looking forward to seeing the children's descriptions  posted soon

From Cornellà de Llobregat

As you can see, the main part of us, in Cornellà, are waiting for Olga's student descriptions... Olga has written to me some time ago and one of her students added comments. We don't have fluent communication but we feel they are working and we hope to receive news from Alapaevsk soon.

Nowadays we are not "in a hurry"; we can wait some time if Olga's students need so. We decided to make Easter e-cards (another open project in Kidlink) in order to be busy during this waiting lapse of time. 
Does anybody want to receive Kidlink Easter e-cards from us and/or send some to us? Joyce? Anybody?
Easter e-card

I like Easter e-cards and I will be happy to receive them but I have not pupils for you!

Easter e-card

You will have one e-card at least... from me  :-)


Illinois and Italy Update

Last week the students were able to chat LIVE with each other on Kidchat!  It was the first time for the students in Italy and the second time for my students in Illinois.  Since we had Monday off (that's when I have the students), they weren't able to finish their descriptions.  They will finish them next Monday and also try to chat again.  My students come in early before school starts and 8AM and Mara's students chat with them at the end of their school day.

This is a great project and the students are excited to be a part of it!



Theresa Allen

Cathedral of St. Raymond School

Chat sounds interesting...


This experience sounds very motivating and interesting... Olga, what do you think about it?


Great to know the kidchat can

Great to know the kidchat can be used. The chat system can for sure be improved. Any opinions/suggestions?

Chatting from Italy to Illinois

Thanks Theresa for sharing this nice experience with us. I hope other teachers will be able  to do the same. Kidlink chat is a safe tool where only registered kids can chat- The  users are identified by nicknames and they cannot be  anonymous. Use of fake names or aliases is impossible, and the dialog between children is closely monitored.


Chat section in Kidlink

Hello to all of you.
I have been taking care of students' chat for a long time. I try to encourage pupils to use our chat in Kidspace more regularly and I invite them to add some more news now and then.
Unfortunately my advice keep getting no results as you can see. There are lots of "Hi", "Anyone there?" or nonsense. 
It's very difficult to find out why nice and interesting dialogues among students never start. 

a-DomenicoF from Italy


We prompted them for our Math

We prompted them for our Math Stats Project. Once they started they didn't want to stop.  They need what we call "ice breakers"